South Africa: Nelson Mandela and all the “White” Jews who became communists & turned on the Whites

[Below are some quick notes I sent to some folks. It is shocking how many "White Jews" in South Africa became communists at the time that Nelson Mandela came out into the open, and became violent and prominent. White South Africans seem to have ignored this history. And it is a history that I also overlooked. But now I'm beginning to wonder about it. Jan]

An interesting note about the Jews and the ANC is that in the early days, there were quite a bunch of Jews who became communists, and who played a role in starting MK – The ANC’s Armed Wing. Some of them later moved to Israel. The truly unappreciated role of the Jews is their role in creating the ARMED WING OF THE ANC!!! The guy who killed Verwoerd, Dr Solly Jacobsen, was probably one of the key founders of MK.

Another mystery that needs explaining, is the Rivonia trial. A bunch of Blacks and Jews, led by Mandela, plotting a huge terror campaign to unleash 7,000 Black terrorists on South Africa. Now they were found guilty of treason … as I understand (I need to look closely into it) … BUT WHY WAS NOBODY HANGED??? Nobody. Mandela should have been hanged. But he wasn’t. So something really weird happened there….

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