South Africa: Desperate White woman writes to Dr James Wickstrom: When will God SAVE US?

[This is an email I was copied in on. A white lady who is a deep believer in God, especially in Yaweh as they prounounce it, spelled as: YHWH – wrote to Dr James Wickstrom and asked him how long this will carry on and what hope is there for us?

My own view is that God won’t save us. Like the Boers after the Boer war was LOST, we must begin work to save us. There is no other way. But here you can hear her cry for help. She discusses the madness of the blacks. Everything she says about the blacks is true. Our black leaders are liars, garbage and filth. They’ll tell any lie to the blacks and steal whatever they need from the taxpayers in order to continue forward with their madness. We need to get away from these black communist scum. Jan]

Good day dear Dr James
A little news from the “front”
In respect of an w-app received today:
Our President Jacob Zuma promised end 2017 that all students whose parents combined salaries, less than R300,000 per year, will attend our universities free of charge,!!
Can you believe it, have you ever heard anything more crazy?
Our w-app told us that he panicked a little bit when he told the “nations” of his fantastic intensions.
Now, however he realizes that there is no money to keep his promise, so…….
Every South African who receives a salary from R15,000 per month will be liable to pay 10% toward these “student “funds.
We should see this fantastic plan of his as an insurance plan.
These students might be you future doctor or whatever.
I mean really.
Our hard working, high standards, integrity nation of YHWH could not even afford our children to attend our universities, now we must pay for all these other races who cannot even read, write, add or anything to attend our universities.
This is so ridiculous. We are so blessed that He is so totally in control, and He misses nothing!!
How long still Majesty YHWH before You save us from all these wrongdoing against your children??
But, we will keep our eyes fixed on Him, the only answer to all our cries.
We are so sick and tired of all these plants that the enemy is cooking daily. Against His elect!!
Love Him unconditionally with all our heart, soul, mind and all our strength.
Love you lots

One thought on “South Africa: Desperate White woman writes to Dr James Wickstrom: When will God SAVE US?

  • 3rd Nov 2019 at 8:24 am

    The salvation offered in the New Testament is eternal life. John 11:25 Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life: he that believes on me, though he have died, shall live;
    Many Christian including Christ and the apostles suffered in this world. Flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom of God as it is a spiritual inheritance not earthly. Salvation is present in those with eyes to see and ears to hear.The book of Revelation was written for this express purpose but sadly is shunned by those who wish to live by the sword.


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