S.Africa: Load-shedding back with a vengeance – My Experience – My Analysis re: Collapse

The rolling electric blackouts were actually slowing down a bit, and for a week or two it virtually stopped. Then a day or two ago it started, and today, in my area we were supposed to have a 2 hour blackout at 6pm, but at 1:30pm the electricity just failed. In the end, my electricity was off for 8 hours! Luckily, in recent weeks I had been taking care of my battery bank and making various changes and replacing a battery that was starting to go bad, and would have exploded if I had left it.

So I was fine and functioning all the time with no problems.

This is about the 2nd time this year I’ve had 8 hours out in one day. But this is the first time, I think that it’s been straight 8 hours non-stop.

Now as I have said before, the real thing to watch is how unexpected things are. This will be the indication that we are heading ever closer to actual COLLAPSE.

They clearly put in a lot of effort to fix the Eskom power generation problem, but even so, it hardly lasted more than a few weeks and now we’re back in trouble.

It’s so bad that Blacks have been rioting for days over electricity.

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