S.Africa: (Jewish) Liberals give White kids a course on Diversity: Tell them only Whites can be racist – Trauma Counselling…

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[This is a translation of an Afrikaans story. This happened in the Cape. It seems to me that this high school is multiracial but it seems to me a large portion (perhaps even most) of the kids are Whites. The DA is the Democratic Alliance. That is a 100% Jew created, Jew controlled political party that claims to be LIBERAL. They have mostly a White vote (which itself is a big con job). They gave this "Diversity" course to the school and it actually caused racial problems afterwards. But during this "course" they told the White kids that only Whites can be racist, and when a kid challenged them on Blacks committing farm murders he was threatened. The VF, the Freedom Front, an Afrikaans political party, was busy investigating this and taking the school and the DA to task. It seems the DA has stuffed up before at another Afrikaans school where it also irritated and pissed off the kids. The DA seems to be trying American Liberal dumbass tactics in South Africa and it makes me chuckle to see what a flop it is! Tactics which work in America don't work here … I'm pleased to say. I wish Whites would stop voting for the DA. It is actually run by Jews some of whom, like Helen Zille, are actually communists. The DA actually stole the entire Afrikaans electorate away from the former National Party who ruled SA during Apartheid. So the bizarre situation in South Africa is that most Whites actually vote for an alien controlled political party that is 100% owned and controlled by Jews. A few Afrikaans idiots, now also serve in high positions. But the DA's real goal is to con the BLACKS into voting for Jews and in that regard the BIG SECRET the Jews hide is what a HUGE FLOP that has been. The Jews are well able to con Whites, but the Blacks actually are suspicious of them. I wish the Whites would stop voting for the DA. Jan]

Pupils from Vishoek High School receive trauma counseling after a diversity course from the DA-controlled Western Cape’s Department of Education on racism and faith

Dr. Wynand Boshoff

In what is reminiscent of the events on Schweizer-Reneke in 2019, pupils of the high school on Vishoek were so badly traumatized on Monday by a so-called "diversity course" on racism and faith at the school that many of them received psychological counselling.

The forced "course" was organized and offered by the DA provincial government’s education department.

The DA government applies the same failed race-driven ideology as the ANC which leads to racial polarization and threatens a better future of equal opportunities for all.

A total of 800 pupils were obliged to attend and for two and a half hours had to listen to, among other things, that only white people can be racist while there was also a sharp attack on Christianity.

The FF Plus will file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) against the Western Cape Department of Education regarding the matter.

According to parents and information in the possession of the FF Plus, three officials accompanied by six psychologists from the department presented this "course" of two and a half hours. Teachers had to wait outside.

Pupils were prevented from making recordings and were threatened that their phones would be taken and any recording or photo would be wiped clean if they did make a recording. A few pupils did.

On the recordings, it can be clearly heard how the statements cause great dissatisfaction among the pupils.

A boy, who was clearly upset, asked why blacks were involved in so many farm murders. He was insultingly silenced and was not allowed to speak further.

A daughter was able to leave the ward with the excuse that she urgently needed to visit the bathroom. She went to a teacher and told him that the children were severely traumatized in the ward.

He returned with her and tried to stop the course, but was ordered to leave the hall.

According to parents, the children were very confused and upset by the statements, especially because pupils of all races at the school get along very well.

The department apparently decided to offer the course after an Afrikaans teacher referred to the "k" word with which black people have long been insulted in an educational discussion with pupils earlier this year.

The Western Cape department charged her, but she was found not guilty of any wrongdoing. Still, the pressure on her was apparently so great that she had to resign. This was apparently used as a reason for the "course".

According to parents, the actions of the department have now sown anger where there was love and mutual respect between pupils.

Parents were further upset this week when the psychologists who were in the hall during the session are now back at the school to give the pupils "trauma counselling".

A mother of one of the pupils says it is an insult that the same people who were involved when the trauma was caused now have to give counseling and that this only worsens the damage that has been done.

The FF Plus addressed several questions about the matter to the principal, Mr. Steven Joubert.

He was apparently not inclined to have the course offered and said it would disrupt the children especially at exam time. Apparently he was left with no choice.

Mr. Joubert referred the FF Plus to Ms. Bronagh Hammond, the Western Cape Education Department’s director of communications.

Several attempts to reach her by phone on her office number were unsuccessful.

It is a pity for the FF Plus that children were affected by the matter. Like what happened in Schweizer-Reneke, it was unnecessary, ill-considered and harmed innocent people the worst.

It would appear that the DA has not learned a lesson from what happened on Schweizer-Reneke.

Apart from the complaint, the FF Plus insists that the DA in the Western Cape immediately instructs the education department to prohibit the relevant officials from interfering in any way with any school in the province.

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