S.Africa: Black Mob justice: 9 Robbery suspects attacked, 4 killed, 5 hospitalised, Honeydew

[Blacks get irritated and don't wait for the law. They go and kill their own criminals themselves. Jan]

Gauteng Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Elias Mawela has condemned the mob justice following the killing of four people and five that were seriously injured and taken to hospital on Wednesday morning, 19 May 2021 at about 02:00.

It is reported that on Wednesday 19 May 2021 at approximately 02:00, a group of about two hundred went out to search for the boys who were allegedly robbing people in the area of Zandspruit, Honeydew .

It is alleged that about nine boys were forcefully taken to the sport ground where they were assaulted, four died and five were taken to hospital.

The cases of murder and attempted murder are under investigation to establish what happened.

Police are searching for the suspects.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/gauteng/mob-justice-9-robbery-suspects-attacked-4-killed-5-hospitalised-honeydew/

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