S.Africa: Black failure compounds and leads to worse failure: Electricity shedding leads to WATER SHEDDING – My Comments

[I've seen this many times in many things that Blacks do. Their failure leads to other failure and things just get worse and worse. And one set of problems leads to a totally different set of problems that nobody expected or saw coming. If only Whites can keep their heads we can come out of this easily and be back on top of life. BTW this is a paid article so I only have a small part of it. Due to lack of electricity the pumps then don't function or even break. Then people run out of water because there's no electricity! Hehehehehe. Jan]

Load-shedding is causing water-shedding in parts of Johannesburg

Sheree Bega

6 Oct 2022

Rand Water has imposed stage two restrictions to allow Johannesburg Water’s reservoirs to fill up

Repeated and prolonged blackouts in recent weeks have affected Rand Water’s reservoir pumps, particularly in Johannesburg where high water demand, worsened by this week’s heatwave, has left some parts of the city with empty taps.

Source: https://mg.co.za/environment/2022-10-06-load-shedding-is-causing-water-shedding-in-parts-of-johannesburg/?utm_source=Mail+%26+Guardian&utm_campaign=797d808672-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2022_10_06_09_03&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_937c5d4f78-797d808672-332229214

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