Rhodesia: Ian Smith – Comments by Whites & a Black

[I found some interesting comments about Ian Smith below a video while I was doing research on Rhodesian stuff for upcoming videos. The comments about Ian Smith are interesting. Jan]

Written by a New Zealander on Youtube: 2016:
We as a commonwealth forced them into the terrible situation in which they found themselves, and we should all be ashamed of that fact. Rest easy Mr Smith, we now know that you only ever wanted the best for ALL your countrymen.
Written by an Englishman on Youtube: 2019:
British foreign policy has been wrong since the end of WWII, we should have supported Rhodesia and South Africa and we should have kept the third world out of Britain.
Some kind of suicidal mentally took over the whole of the Western World after the end of WWII, our children and grandchildren will curse us for what we have done and what we have failed to do.

Written by a black on Youtube: 2020:
I remember one day, 1993, I think, I was walking on First Street, Harare, with my father. I saw a group of Black people burst into spontaneous applause for this elderly White man, who waved back at them and hurried on. We made eye contact, and he nodded at me so I nodded back. "Who was that?"I asked my father. "Don’t you recognise him?" he said. "Ian Smith." "The Rhodesian Prime Minister?" I asked, astonished at the fact that I had just seen a group of Black people cheer him on. "I thought he was the bad guy who killed Black people." My father sighed. "You have a lot to learn, sir," he said. (By the way, I was born 4 years before Independence, so all I know about how bad things were under Smith is what my generation was told. Mugabe on the other hand…..)

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