Reader’s Comment: Blacks & Jews call themselves European: 20,000 Jews get European passports each year


[One of my reader wrote this on AfricanCrisis. Very interesting. Until whites learn to make racial arguments and stand firm, they will lose, lose, lose and lose some more. Eventually you MUST confront the issue of race. It is such a pathetic weakness, and yet hardly a white man on the planet, especially if he is speaking to a big audience, dares to make this very obvious statement about race. There is well over a century of HARD SCIENCE behind this.  

White males have to stop being pathetic cucks. Jan] …

In London I met blacks that were sayin they are English and they are Europeans. When some white girl ask them ‘where are you from?’ They said they are not African! They are English born in England! Europeans they said.
Jews that never even been to Europe got passports of European countries because some embassies are giving them citizenship for nothing! And now they call themself and their bastards Europeans too.
One European country that is under quiet jewish occupation is giving away 20 000 passports to jews from israel every year! Officially… God knows how many is given unofficially…

And if its necessary they call themself people of European descent too ^^


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