Reader takes Alex Linder & me on, about attacking Christianity – My Reply

Large numbers of my supporters are Christians. I don’t believe in chasing Christians away. I’m not a Christian. I don’t approve of Christianity, but white people are the most important thing. I do not advocate killing whites who have beliefs I do not approve of. I do believe in interaction with Christians and explaining new ideas to them. To me, whites are more important than Christianity. To Christians, who really need to fix their own minds, Christianity is more important than whites. THAT IS WRONG. As for Hitler, he was in a country that was 95%+ christian. He had to work with Christians. He had no choice. Tom Metzger and all the rest of us face the same issue. Alex Linder believes in attacking Christians openly. I believe in speaking to them. I am happy to tolerate the idea that whites have FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Having said that, I also believe in educating them and having an open discourse with them. In the end, things will work out for us. I think this is the most practical way forward.

I will repeat: WHITES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN CHRISTIANITY. Christians think Christianity is more important than our race. That’s WRONG. Christian identity which looks at Whites as a race – is a better form of Christianity.

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