RACE IS REAL: Suddenly deep racial tensions between Blacks (Zulus) & Indians – Worst place for Whites: NATAL

Race is REAL. This violence has caused sudden stresses between the Zulus and Indians who live close to each other in big numbers in Durban. The Indians for the first time ever, actually shot at Zulus and they killed 2 Zulus.
Back in 1949 under Apartheid, the Zulus wanted to genocide the Indians. They began killing Indians one night, and the Whites, the Boers, rushed in and spent the night killing Zulus thereby saving the Indians from extermination.

But that’s been all forgotten. These riots caused insane damage in Durban. One massive Computer outlet was burned to the ground and all the stock was destroyed. But the damage in Durban is insane. Durban and Natal have a small White population. It is very dominated by Blacks, mostly Zulus, and then Indians. So now we may have the beginning of non-White Racial tensions. I’ve seen Tweets, and the Zulus say they’re not going to forget what the Indians did. So now, out of nowhere, is a NON-WHITE RACIAL TENSION that came out of nowhere!!!!

RACE IS REAL. Mark my words. You’re going to see tensions between the Indians and the Zulus and it won’t go away.

Natal is a bad place for Whites to be. I’ve studied the demographics of South Africa. The east coast, ESPECIALLY NATAL and ESPECIALLY DURBAN are BAD PLACES for Whites to be. Whites are heavily outnumbered there, AND, while it’s a very lovely area to live, it is actually dangerous. In some ways, the terrain is much worse, even, than Rhodesia. South Africa, higher up, where I live, where the main cities are, is a good place for Whites to defend themselves. But Natal is different. It’s heavily wooded like Africa far to the north. It’s not a good place for Whites. I heard today of a family of Whites who moved to Durban, from Johannesburg, and now they’re sitting, stuck in Durban, with no food. The violence was so bad that people are running out of food now already.

So this Zuma stuff is going to cause new tensions. But the twist in the matter is between Zulus and Indians. This could result one day in massacres where the Zulus try to kill the Indians.

I REPEAT, ignore everything Jews and Liberals tell you: RACE IS VERY FREAKING REAL!

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