Video: Full Show: Christopher Cantwell interviews Suidlanders’ Simon Roche – Jan Lamprecht calls in


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On 13th April 2018, Chris Cantwell interviewed Simon Roche of the Suidlanders. On this show Chris questioned Simon about various things that have been published about him, especially on my website.

He uses documents from the investigations by the Americans (Iceblock & Goy Rogers), to question Simon about his background. In this video you’ll hear that the Americans accurately found links between Simon and the ANC. In these discussions you will hear Simon explain how he got death threats from blacks and how he was close to corruption in the ANC and how he will never reveal the truth because he fears for his life. He also mentions that he lived on a property owned by the niece of the current President Ramaphosa.

It is on this show that Chris brings in Jan as the first caller and I have a 44 minute discussion with Chris and Simon.

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