7 Pics: Praising Jewish treason against Whites: President Ramaphosa’s close ties to the Jews & the Chief Rabbi of S.Africa

[Let me show you a some evidence that Ramaphosa has a long and deep set of ties to the Jews. He’s the only black man who is this close to them. This adds to my suspicions that Ramaphosa was “the important black man”, whom my Jewish friend told me, had converted to Judaism. He told me this, some time in the period 2010-2012. When I asked him what the name of the black man was, he refused to tell me. He just said he was important, and he was very pleased that this black had converted to Judaism. I’m quite convinced that it is Ramaphosa. Ramaphosa has been turned into a billionaire by the Jews anyway. The same is true of Tokyo Sexwale. But its clearly Ramaphosa who is in tight with the Jews like no other black. This is very troubling.

First, we’ll look at Ramaphosa’s links to this Jewish School project for black kids. Reeva Forman is the (((white))) woman on the left. She was one of the big names in business in the days of Apartheid. She was known for beauty products. She’s very rich from monies made under white rule. She created this school for blacks. This is just Jews at work, busy ingratiating themselves now with the blacks, like they did with the whites in the past. When the whites ruled, the Jews were busy sucking up to the whites, pretending to be white. Jews are always marketing themselves shamelessly. They have nothing in common with the blacks, nor the poor blacks. All these Jews lived the life in the richest suburbs of Johannesburg exclusively among WHITES! Rest assured, these are just photo opportunities, and nothing more. These Jews don’t spend any time actually caring for the poor blacks.

Let’s look at the website for this project. And in here you’ll find that Ramaphosa, Nelson Mandela and Radebe are the only black patrons of this school. All the other names are of rich or powerful Jews. Marcus is in banking; Ackerman is the Jew who owns Pick ‘n Pay, Ellerine is the owner of Ellerines, Lubner are also Jews. So these are stinking rich Jews working hand in glove with blacks. The money of course is from the Jews who are rolling in the $$$. Here’s the excerpt:

According to the MaAfrika Tikkun Times, a Review of 2004, the school is now fully recognised by the government and a parents’ association has been established.

“MaAfrika Tikkun donates blankets, food and clothing to the Hillbrow street children and, twice a year, hosts parties for about 200 children.”

Former president, Nelson Mandela, is the ‘patron-in-chief’ of MaAfrika Tikkun. Other patrons include Gill Marcus, Raymond Ackerman, Eric Ellerine, Bridgette Radebe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Ronnie & Bertie Lubner and many more. Its chief executive officer is Herby Rosenberg.

Source: http://saupj.org.za/temple-israel-hosts-maafrika-tikkun/

So Ramaphosa is only one of three important blacks who are patrons of this Jewish/Black project.

The above was round about 2004.

Now we jump to 2009. Look at Ramaphosa, the only black among these (((whites))), hobnobbing with the rich scum. It seems to me he spends a lot of time in the Cape with lots of Jews.

Further on in the same Jewish newspaper on page 8 we see only one black man among all these (((whites)))! Look at him grinning from ear to ear. The Jews sure have been making him feel at home hey?

On page 9, they have news about the United Jewish Campaign and they mention the key note speaker is Ramaphosa:

Of special note are these sentences below: “He (Ramaphosa) was warm in his appreciation of the part played by the Jewish community in the development of South Africa and in the support given by so many Jews in the struggle against the apartheid government.

In other words, he is praising the treason of the Jews towards white South Africa!

And on page 9, again, a very happy black man, in fact the ONLY BLACK MAN, Ramaphosa, among all these (((white))) Jews!!!

Source: http://pdf.cjc.org.za/april2009web.pdf

Now we jump to February 2013, and we see 2 best friends: The Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Goldstein, and his best buddy, a younger looking Ramaphosa. This is a year before Ramaphosa became the Deputy President of South Africa!!!

I wonder what role the Jews played in his rise to the Vice Presidency, in 2014, from whence he would later stab President Zuma in the back?

Source: http://www.stantgsm.com/view-post/cyril%20ramaphosa%20%20the%20chief%20rabbi%20to%20meet/1613

We see below, an article in the Jerusalem Post on February 26, 2013; showing the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Goldstein, chatting to Ramaphosa. Notice the background there between them which reads: “Office of the Chief Rabbi of South Africa”.

Notice their positive, rosy view of South Africa in 2013, looking to the future. But in reality, now in 2018, South Africa has gone backwards. Yet in 2018, they once again have a positive, rosy view, despite the fact that South Africa is really in bad shape currently! What we can take away from this is the understanding that what these two fools say, might not actually pan out in the future. And that is GOOD! You’ll also see below that the Israel issue does not sit well in South Africa. This is mainly due to the Muslims who have been very vocal about Israel vs Palestinians. The majority of blacks, especially in the ANC, have ALWAYS been on the side of the Palestinians! So it is an uncomfortable position that Ramaphosa is in, and he might not be all that successful in pushing his people towards Israel. So its good to see some of the tension behind Ramaphosa which could scuttle some of his love of the Jews. 

Israel, therefore, becomes a big liability for the Jews in South Africa, because the Muslims, the blacks and the ANC have NEVER been friendly to Israel. In the days of Apartheid, Israel and Apartheid South Africa were supposedly allies. Thus the ANC always attacked Israel. Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians has always irked the blacks who felt an empathy for them. The Chief Rabbi can work as much as he wants, but it doesn’t look to me as if selling Israel to the blacks is going to work that well. So that’s good news for us whites! This partnership isn’t that solid!

Below is the full article from the Jerusalem Post. Jan]

A top African National Congress official has signaled that the South African government could reverse its anti-Israel stance and play a more constructive role in the Middle East.

The ANC’s new deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa, suggested that the South African government might contribute to advancing peace in the region, as it had done in Northern Ireland.

“I was personally involved together with other leaders in the ANC in helping to resolve the problems of Northern Ireland. And maybe somewhere along the line we can make some contribution,” Ramaphosa said.

His comments came in a joint public appearance with South Africa’s Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein in Johannesburg last Thursday.

Some 600 people, mostly members of the Jewish community, attended the discussion – titled “Looking forward, 2013, the years ahead” – at Investec Bank in Sandton.

Hundreds more watched in a video link-up to gatherings in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Goldstein, according to a transcript of his remarks obtained by The Jerusalem Post, opened the discussion by saying that he did not expect all South Africans to share the small but significant Jewish community’s “affection and connection to Israel.

“What we do expect from our government is a sense of proportionality,” he declared.

“What we do expect from our government is to support both Israel and the Palestinians in their quest for peace.What we don’t expect from our government is to take sides.”

Ramaphosa, 60, a former trade union leader and negotiator who has been touted as a possible candidate for president of the state, was quick to take up the thread of Goldstein’s argument, saying that the ANC government should back “a deep dialogue between representatives of government in this country and the leadership of the Jewish people in this country.”

“There needs to be a dialogue because there are various perceptions, possibly on both sides, and one message that the chief rabbi put forward which I have also put forward is that there needs to be an area where we find balance; where we look at the Middle East, particularly Israel and Palestine, and say we are in full support of peace efforts,” he said. “A peace effort that will lead to a solution where both countries can live in peace. And that is something which we should support unreservedly.”

Ramaphosa argued that his government should “not sit on the sidewalks of the streets and say it’s their problem” when it came to the Middle East.

“We need to be engaged,” he said. “And where we think wrong policies are being pursued, we actually need to go and talk to the people and gain access and argue our point and find a consensus.

“We are consensus builders. And even on this issue, even as we are far away here in the south, we have got a community here that is so deeply connected with Israel. We also have a community in South Africa that is so deeply connected with Palestine.”

Addressing the Middle East conflict, he added: “I know that it’s an almost intractable problem. I have discussed it with the chief rabbi now and again. It is a difficult problem.

But it needs cool heads on all sides so that we can see if there are solutions that we can find – at least solutions that we can come up with that can make us – our own tempers you know – go down a little as South Africans.”

Goldstein welcomed Ramaphosa’s remarks, saying it was “a breath of fresh air to hear that instead of taking sides what we really need to do is promote peace on both sides.

“Because this is a bitter and difficult conflict and we have to bring about, be a force for good in it and not to pick one side and say they are right and they are wrong and try and punish this one and reward that one because that’s not going to help anybody.

Because we will all have different opinions about who is right and wrong, but let’s try and solve it,” Goldstein said. “And so I find it, you know, very inspiring you know the example you mentioned from Northern Ireland, because it’s also a conflict which has deep religious roots.”

Goldstein noted that he had a warm relationship with leaders of other faiths who sat on the National Religious Leaders Council, but their relations had been strained recently over Israel.

“Personally, what I have found very difficult over the last few years has been that we have the South African dream here of unity in diversity,” Goldstein said. “But then all of a sudden Israel comes into the headlines and we are at each other’s throats.

“Now what I feel is as South Africans, we need to export the South African dream, not import the nightmares here.

And what is happening is that there is a group of people within this country who have made it their business to – an anti-Israel lobby – who have made it their business to put Israel in the headlines all the time in a negative way and they fan the flames of conflict in South Africa. And for me that’s a tragedy because we want to come together as South Africans.

“So why can’t I say to my Muslim colleagues, look, let’s agree to disagree. Israel is in my heart, the Palestinian areas are in your heart – let’s agree to disagree about who is right and who is wrong in this conflict and let’s shake hands and be brothers.

“But what’s stopping that is that there is this intense anti- Israel lobby in the country that has infected the media, that has infected the public debate and what it’s really doing is tearing South Africans apart.”

Source: https://www.jpost.com/International/ANC-deputy-S-Africa-can-play-role-in-Mideast-peace

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