Pic: How South Africans really feel about the Black Communist ANC government that rules us…

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White Shop: The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry
This is a FANTASTIC BOOK written by a well travelled American Military Officer. It tears all the lies about the Germans that have been told by the Jews and the Allies to shreds. I have a copy. It is the best book written about the Germans by a non-German since WW2.

[This screen shot below is a message that I’ve been seeing doing the rounds in South Africa for years. So it’s a big old, but I see it’s still doing the rounds all these years later. The numbers below refer to parliament. This gives you an idea of how disgusted Whites are. Jan]

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The History Reviewed Channel on Odysee
This is the Odysee Channel where new HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis Videos are also uploaded to

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