My Failed plan to get Military Rifles for Whites in SA from Israel – My strange Israeli Interactions

[Some years ago, in one or two of my videos I spoke about my “money plan” that I had, where I hoped to get money and to get guns for whites in SA so that we could protect ourselves from the blacks in a future race war or attack on us by the blacks, especially the Government itself.  

I've never actually explained exactly what I did or hoped to do.

My idea was to acquire military weapons, despite all the attempts by the black Govt to disarm us whites and to prevent us from using our weapons, even in self defence during criminal attacks.

This article below, is one that I prepared, which contained confidential information of the Israeli Jew I was dealing with. The full article with this information has been passed on to “certain persons”. But for publication, I have removed some of the personal information.

This is what I was planning in the days of AfricanCrisis. I did not tell my readers what I was doing behind the scenes. Here, for the first time, is the story of what I was doing with a Jew from Israel who approached me.

In those days I was a conservative and I had not realised the dangers and outright betrayal and secret hostility of Jews. So when this Jew befriended me and I grew to trust him, I aimed to try to get military weapons for whites from Israel, if only I could get enough money together.

I could not go openly and ask whites for money for guns. I could not publish something and say: Give me money, because I think I can buy weapons from Israel. So part of the problem involved acquiring the money myself, which I discuss below.

In all my years on the Internet, I have met all kinds of people, but the strangest person I ever met was this Israeli Jew, whose first name was Yonatan. He very possibly worked for Israeli counter intelligence. He operated in a way that I have not seen before, nor since.

With regard to weapons. When Mugabe seized the farms of the 5,000 white farmers, and he realised this could lead to a civil war, he immediately ordered 27,000 AK47's from Russia and they were flown in on a plane very quickly.

My hope was that I could secretly acquire money for military rifles, and quietly prepare the method of being able to purchase them and ship them when we were in trouble. My hope was that I could acquire 10,000 military rifles for white men, quickly, if we were on the brink of a war. That was my hope. However, in reality, it was nothing more than a pipe dream and I did not even have 1% of the resources necessary to get it. This is the story of how I tried and failed.

NB: NB: NB: In the article below take special note of the way Yonatan wrote emails and how he began to use words interchangeably so that a normal word starts taking on other meanings. Because I was a computer programmer, I was convinced that this style of writing would make it much more difficult for government spy software to intercept and target emails. He did not even have to encrypt his emails. He just wrote them as normal text and yet, they would now be almost impossible to detect using computer software alone. For example, he used the words “cats” (carats) to mean diamonds. But he did NOT have to have a logical reason to use his code words. He could just as easily, if he had wanted to, used the term fish or birds to also mean diamonds. However, his style made it relatively easy to read his “coded” emails. It was a remarkable system and Dr Chris Jordaan told me that Intelligence agents do learn to write like this. But Yonatan did this so naturally and smoothly. I would have to dig deeply into really old archives to find examples of it. But I think this style of writing has definite benefits on the Internet and email. Jan]

As described above, I do believe that whites face a possible threat of some kind of black attacks in the future. I don’t trust the ANC one bit. They may be the govt of the day, but I firmly regard the ANC as MY ENEMY, not MY GOVERNMENT and I most certainly do not trust them as far as I could kick them.

Therefore, in my own private capacity, I began wondering whether it is possible to obtain weapons for whites, if these malicious, untrustworthy cretins were to ever make moves on the whites of South Africa.

The strangest person I dealt with on the Internet was someone from Israel. I knew him for about 8 years.

I knew him as Yonatan. Here are some of the email addresses which he used, some of which I later traced to websites he owned, and I eventually got some idea of who he really is.

The top address leads to him. I also have an address in Jerusalem for him:
c/o Yehoshua xxxxx
POB xxxxx
Jerusalem xxxxx

As my website began getting more traffic, I began getting emails from this Yonatan guy. He would send me an email now and then. Sometimes it would be rubbish and sometimes it would be something good. I never quite knew what to make of him and ignored him for several months.

But one day he sent me something particularly interesting and so I began to talk more and ask more questions. Out of this developed one of the closest relationships that I ever had over the internet with someone. However, I NEVER spoke to him on the phone and when I wanted to talk to him on the phone or via skype, he always declined. He only communicated with me by email.

He began to send me news and tell me about the Middle East and Israel, and I was very interested. He claimed that he was a “conservative Israeli” with the same anti-communist views as me.

I still have emails from him in various archives of mine.

We appeared to share a similar, End Times, view of the world, that WW3 was about to explode upon us, and he would share views from a friend of his who apparently was in the Israeli military. At that time, I still had some “End Times” views – which I no longer have. I don’t believe in Bible prophecy or any other nonsense prophecy anymore.

As time went by, he began to fascinate me and I turned to him more and more, until dealing with him was almost a daily obsession.

I explained to him the problems of the whites of Africa and he sympathised with it. Eventually one day, I told him that I am concerned that we whites could find ourselves under attack from the ANC, who are communists and whom I believe (and I’m NOT alone in believing it), are waging a covert war against us whites in the form of Farm Murders especially, but also perhaps in crime and other tricky, sneaky, communist guerrilla ways.

I asked him, if somehow, I could get weapons from Israel for the whites, if we were in trouble?

I also tried to nail Yonatan down, on the issue of what exactly his job was.

For example, here is something he wrote to me (date unknown) :-
Hebron, and the surrounding hills and desert, is my place. I saw years of bloodshed and battles there. I saw many of my best friends and neighbors murdered brutally. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are buried in Hebron, in the Cave of the Patriarchs, with Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah. Ironically, it was the “right wing” American puppet, Netanyahu, who sold us out back in the 90s. Hebron Jews are the most hated by the entire left wing, by the Americans, the Europeans, by the Vatican, by Moscow, by the UN, by the British–and the most feared by the Arabs. Some years back, whenever any Jew was murdered by the Arabs in the area, we went to war–we went rooftop to rooftop, door to door, through the narrow, winding tall stone walls of the Arab casba–and the machine gun fire would rage all night, night after night… Any time of day or night, any place, the Arabs might attack, ambush, murdering little Jewish children, sniping infants through the brain, right in their mothers’ arms, with American rifles, and CIA trained Palestinian terrorists… If a Jew survived these attacks, he was branded a criminal by the world… The world even pressed our government to uproot the graves of our dead heros, and dictated to us what we should think and feel about our dead brothers… After all, who were we Jews to live in the area where our ancestors were buried, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? What right did we have to disturb the Arabs with our presence? The Arabs? We were, they claimed, disturbing the peace of the entire world with our presence. But the more the world presses us, the more they force our false leaders to bend their knees in submission, and the more they draw our spirit forth–the Tribes of Israel.

Please keep this email between us alone. Do not pass this on to anyone. I am like a hunted animal in the wilderness, waiting among the rocks, and in the steep canyons where no intruder can find his way. And here I wait.

He would go to Russia from time to time and used Ronald Reagan’s term for it: “The Evil Empire”. I later learned from the website linked to him that he had some kind of Jewish religious link to a particular place there.

He sounded as if he was in some kind of Israeli military organisation. When pressed, he told me he was not earning much and his daily work was counter intelligence. Excerpt:
As far a the security area is concerned: I pay my rent and put food on the table by means of some involvement I have in the general security realm. It doesn’t provide me cash for anything else. The focus is training security and counterterror agents. However, the scope is expanding somewhat. I asked about SA. The answer was, of course, negative. But you just suggested a way in which we could work. The negative (you guessed it) has to do with the fact that SA is enemy territory–but if we could focus on training that would not fall into the hands of the enemy, that might work out. Anti-Crime, etc.

I was trying to find out if the Israelis would somehow assist me to do something for the whites of SA.

Something about Yonatan, that was extremely strange, and it gripped me, was his style of writing. It was something I had never seen before, nor since. He had a way of writing an email in a smooth way, where suddenly the words begin to take on different meanings. It was as if he was writing in a code, without him even telling you there was a code. Suddenly the words would naturally take on different meanings to what they normally do, and it was often quite easy to follow, though at times it was confusing.

Unfortunately, I do not have examples that I can show you easily. I would have to hunt through really old archives. For example, he might write about, his uncle who has pets, and the way he writes, you later know that it has some other meaning. He used the term “cats” to mean diamonds for example. He was able to do this in his emails so easily and it was still fluid and easy to read. I could never do even 10% of it. And whenever we began conversing about sensitive things, he would begin writing in this “coded” way.

I was so fascinated by this, that after about a year of this, I one day took a few of his emails to Dr Jordaan in Pretoria to show it to him and to ask him if this meant that Yonatan was some kind of intelligence agent.

Dr Jordaan read the emails and he said he had seen this type of thing in the Intelligence community and that people are trained to write this way. He seemed therefore to confirm that I am dealing with someone who has some kind of official position in Israel in intelligence, even if, he is operating at a low level.

At one time Yonatan told me he was looking into some Muslim terrorist issue and would I assist him? He told me to go to a part of Johannesburg to a certain building and to take photos of it. I did that, and he was happy with it.

I did not think there was anything strange about the building. I did wonder if he was “testing” me.

He never asked me to do it again.

He agreed to the idea of me getting weapons from Israel and even sent me details of recent Israeli infantry weapons that could be of use to us. But … it required money.

Despite him working in counterintelligence training, it did seem to me that he was running some kind of business stuff on the side, perhaps part time. It is evident from the emails.

When we discussed getting weapons, he said it could be done, but now I need money. So he then began telling me that the best way to make money was out of diamonds – a small commission on large deals.

I was concerned by this because Gold and Diamond trading in South Africa is highly regulated.

He then began telling me that Israel plays a big role in international diamond trading. But the key is that I need to get the diamonds cheaply enough.

He then began telling me what type of diamonds he needs, and I had to find suppliers. Since I had no contacts, it became evident that he had been busy in this field. He told me that he did some diamond trading with a black guy in Zambia.

Then one day, he told me that I must meet some friends of his in Johannesburg who could help me. He put me in touch with some black men whom I was to meet. I phoned them and did not like the arrangement. I began to feel that I’m being put in touch with criminals.

I arranged a meeting in a public place and had a friend come and sit quietly at a table nearby to observe in case something went wrong.

I met these guys and did not like them at all. I felt they were criminals.

I thus felt so uncomfortable that I did not pursue the diamond idea anymore. We did look at it on and off, and I did try other ways to supply him, but the prices he demanded were unattainable, and eventually over a long period I let the idea drop. We never did a single deal.

He was indeed the strangest individual I have ever met on the Internet.

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