Lasha Darkmoon: Italian Political Dissident Denounces Covid-19 Vaccine—’We Are All Guinea Pigs!’

LD: A much shorter Italian version of this sensational letter was submitted for publication by its author to his local newspaper in Italy, the Gazetta di Parma. It was apparently rejected. Here is the much longer English version, updated and revised with additional supportive material of my own on the vaccine crisis in Europe. For these later embellishments, consisting of over a thousand words, I bear sole responsibility and must answer for any mistakes made. [LD]

April 3, 2021

showing Coronavirus hotspots

The letter below by my translator friend Gian Franco is a cri de coeur that will resonate in the hearts of many Italians who have suffered more from this evil scourge during the last twelve months than any other nation in Europe. [LD]

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