Attention: Comments on my Websites – My Problems & what I need

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I will discuss this more, later, but about comments:

I have a big problem going through comments and approving them. My focus is to sort out replies to people who wrote to me recently and in the past. My big focus is my Contact us page. I’m busy working away at that, since my PA also ran away when she heard about Ramaphosa and the hate speech and that it might get me into trouble.

But the Contact us page has been fixed and is working nicely. It, and the Donations and other pages are working fine now and I’m monitoring new stuff as well as catching up on old stuff.

About Comments:

I need a better system for handling comments from readers – one that is more powerful. I want a system where I do NOT have to go and approve each and every comment. That is too tedious and very time consuming.

There are some of my readers for example, whom I want to “auto-approve” so that anything they write is immediately put online.

So I’ve left comments alone.

Now because I do not fully control the comments software of the website, there are people who know how to use “their logins” (I do not want to be more explicit), and because they have established credibility elsewhere, anything they post is auto-approved on my site.

I do on rare occasions view a few comments like I did yesterday and I approve a few and write a few. But personally, I would like to find a much better comments system, and also one where I can ban Jews who come in and talk their Jewish shit. So if I see this is a Jew talking his Jew crap, then I want to ban the fucker permanently and he’ll have to infiltrate using another name. But I don’t want Jews to come and talk their shit on my sites. Jews must FUCK OFF.

But Jews of course do not fuck off. JEWS ALWAYS INFILTRATE, JEWS ALWAYS USE THE POWER OF WORDS (LIES). This is their stock in trade.

If anyone knows of a better system for comments I’m interested. I would prefer something free. As it is, my servers and websites already cost me quite a bit of money and I need to also clean up two of my servers and shut both of them down. They’re costing me money needlessly. But I have to take care of everything. This is the only way that I get to do my FULL FREE SPEECH MYSELF.

Without this platform, I would not be able to say half of the stuff that I do say.

That’s why I work on it and protect it. And I would appreciate support. My platform is unique and I have a LOT of free speech as a result of it.

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