Jews HATED Christians more than Muslims: Jews NOT ALLOWED in a Christian Church

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I did an insane amount of Military Academic work in order to answer this question. In here, youll see something totally unique. I explain why I think several Blacks did research into this and what was their inspiration for coming to this conclusion, as well as the horrific ideas they have in store for us. I also demonstrate, what an all out race war would be like if it raged across South Africa. The answers may surprise you.

It seems to me that Jews hated Christians more than Muslims, and in fact worked with Muslims for centuries. It is only in the last century or so, that Jews and Christians are more friendly.

Returning to the Jewish view of Christians, I also read once, and yet again, its disappeared off the Internet, that because Jews regard Christians as IDOLATORS – that a Jew is allowed to go inside a Mosque. But a Jew is FORBIDDEN from going into a Christian Church. I saw recently, in the latest set of lies, that a Jew Rabbi wrote that its not so cut and dried and yes IT IS TRUE THAT A JEW MAY GO INTO A MOSQUE … but its not really totally forbidden for him to go into a Christian Church. However, there was enough of long-winded Jewish whining in there, that it should be clear that a Jew entering a Christian church is NOT A CUT AND DRIED CLEAR MATTER. That according to the stupid Jews that there IS SOME DOUBT about the matter, whereas for a Jew its not a problem with Muslims. You can do research on it yourself. But this too, should be proof that Jews liked Muslims MORE IN THE PAST WHEREAS THEY HAVE A HATRED OF CHRISTIANS which is now different – perhaps because they NEEDED WHITE CHRISTIANS in order to make their stupid little state of Israel to come into being.

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