2 Pics: Why Judaism should be BANNED: Jewish Racial hatred & perversion in the EVIL TALMUD

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If people actually knew what was taught in the Talmud, they would have it banned in South Africa, the USA and across the Western world IMMEDIATELY.

However, I have not even got to the hideous Kosher slaughter … which should have every animal lover up in arms. And the Jews boldly lie about that too!

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the verses in the creepy Jewish Talmud – which I think they call THE BOOK OF THE LAW! Yeah right. They learned THE LAW and LEGAL SYSTEMS FROM US. These things existed, before Jews crawled out of the Middle East and became a blight upon the whites of Europe

So keep in mind that Jews looked down on Christians as LOWER THAN MUSLIMS and they

regarded them as Idolators.

Remember: Jews refer to all non-Jews as Goy or Goyim. This below should show you the hatred and distance they have for us. The Talmud says below: “… if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, THEY WOULD KILL US OPENLY”. – See the verse below.

Now to get another little insight into the perversion and sheer madness contained in this, the most evil religious text ever written, the TALMUD; look at this:

Look at some of these verses and teachings: If a Goy hits a Jew, he must be KILLED! When a Jew murders a gentile (goy) there will be no death penalty. If you eat with a Goy it is the same as eating with a dog. Goys prefer sex with cows… Goy girls “are in a state of filth from birth”… that’s what they think about our girls. A Jew may violate (have sex with) but NOT MARRY a non-Jew girl. A Jew may have sex with a child, as long as the child is under 9 years old. I have also seen one quote that a Jew may have sex with a 3 year old girl. All this … from THE HOLY TALMUD OF THE JEWS!!!!

In reality, Judaism should be OUTLAWED AS A RELIGION. In fact, the Spanish did that for 500 years. From 1492, they kicked the Jews out and they OUTLAWED THE PRACTISE OF THIS HIDEOUS RELIGION WITH ITS WEIRD SEXUAL PERVERSIONS AND ITS NEEDLESS, hideous cruelty to animals. Kosher slaughter should be OUTLAWED. Hitler banned it. I think Poland banned it then. I think it might even be banned in one European country now. Judiasm is a sick, demented “religion”.

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