Is the Corona Virus hitting Chinese in SA? – I went and checked…

Below is a comment from one of my readers, Tom.

Hi Tom,
I actually did a bit of checking myself several weeks ago. I had a problem when my inverter, that I’m very reliant on for power when the electricity is down, burned out. I had bought it at a Chinese Mall not far from me. So I dashed to the Chinese mall the next day, and I get along quite well with the owner, and I asked about the corona virus. It turned out that they come from Taiwan, and they could not give me any deeper info. But they did not seem to be concerned in the slightest.

It does beg the question whether the Chinese Malls in South Africa will be hit by having less business this year. I will be asking around among my friends since I am sure we’ll be getting the virus in from Asian sources.

We don’t have that many Chinese here. We have many more Indians. To see Chinese is relatively rare. We see Indians daily, but few Chinese. However, as I’ve mentioned the Asians are already panicking.

I’ll put out my feelers.

New comment on your post “BREAKING: Canadian company has produced COVID-19 vaccine in 20 days! Can ship huge amounts!”

Jan I wonder if the coronavirus is affecting Chinese in South Africa yet? As you likely read, the virus hits Chinese hard, as it was genetically engineered to do apparently (? biological warfare by JewSA). If COVID-19 strikes Chinese criminals responsible for poaching, that’ll be good.

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