IMPORTANT: 1933: The NAZI official Hitler sent to tell Whites (especially Boers) to be NAZIS and to be antisemitic

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The Afrikaner Broederbond, is an Afrikaans/Boer secret society. This secret society was the means by which the Afrikaans Whites came to power in South Africa in 1948. This secret society exists to this day. But it was the most powerful organisation that Afrikaans Whites had. It took control of White politics and it is responsible for Apartheid.

In it’s early days is was antisemitic. It was RACIAL. It set out to unite all Whites even though it was controlled by Afrikaners. Probably all of the Prime Ministers/Presidents of South Africa under White rule had been Broeders (Brothers) at one time or another.

Hitler sent a diplomat named Karlfried Graf Dürckheim, to South Africa where he met secretly with the Afrikaner Broeder bond and encouraged them to follow NAZI principles.

In both WW1 and WW2 there was the possibility that the Boers were going to rebel in favour of the Germans. This is a topic for another day.

There is no doubt that in 1948, when the National Party, which was the political party created by the Afrikaner Broederbond, finally came to power, that they had a very National Socialist/Racial view and they were antisemitic.

Here are the details about Dürckheim and his visit to South Africa:

Karl Friedrich Alfred Heinrich Ferdinand Maria Graf[1] Eckbrecht von Dürckheim-Montmartin (24 October 1896 – 28 December 1988) was a German diplomat, psychotherapist and Zen master. A veteran of World War I, he was introduced to Zen Buddhism early in life. After obtaining a doctorate in psychology, he became an avid supporter of the Nazi Party. Following World War II he was imprisoned in Japan which transformed him spiritually. Upon returning to Germany he became a leading proponent of the Western esoteric spiritual tradition, synthesizing teachings from Christian Mysticism, Depth Psychology and Zen Buddhism.[2]

Early life
Dürckheim was born in Munich, the son of Friedrich Georg Michael Maria Eckbrecht von Dürckheim-Montmartin (1858-1939) and Sophie Evalina Ottilie Charlotte von Kusserow (1869-1959).[3] His maternal grandfather was the Prussian diplomat and politician Heinrich von Kusserow (1836-1900). His uncle was General Alfred Karl Nikolaus Alexander Eckbrecht von Dürckheim-Montmartin (1850-1912), aide-de-camp to King Ludwig II of Bavaria and later commander of the Royal Bavarian Infantry Lifeguards Regiment.

A descendant of old Bavarian nobility whose parents’ fortune was lost during bad economic times, he grew up at Steingaden and at the Bassenheim Castle near Koblenz.

In 1933 Dürckheim joined the Sturmabteilung. In 1934 he spent 6 months in South Africa on behalf of the Reich Minister of Education to contact Germans living there and to urge them not to abandon Nazism.[7] During his visit he met secretly with the Afrikaner Broederbond to urge them to follow Nazi ideals, including anti-Semitism.[12] By 1935 he had become chief assistant to Joachim von Ribbentrop, head of the Büro Ribbentrop and later Nazi Germany’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. In that year Dürckheim brokered a meeting between Lord Beaverbrook and Hitler.[13] In October 1936 Dürckheim accompanied newly appointed Ambassador Ribbentrop to England, where he was assigned "to find out what the English think of the new Germany." He was introduced to King Edward VIII and Winston Churchill.[14] Dürckheim was at this time a fervent supporter of Nazism, writing in the journal of the Nazi Teachers Association:

"The basic gift of the Nazi revolution is for all occupations and levels across the experience of our common nature, a common destiny, the common hope of the common leader….which is the living foundation of all movements and aspirations."[15]


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