Idiotic South Africa: Door falls off a small plane during an air show!

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[Just more of the ongoing saga of stupidity and failure that we are so used to in SA! A Kudu is a small military plane that is a lot like the Fieseler Storch of the Germans in WW2. Jan]

All went well for the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) air show at the weekend with one exception.

A vintage Kudu single-engined utility aircraft in the SA Air Force (SAAF) Museum lost a door while flying on Saturday morning.

The incident was seemingly not widely reported but was picked up by Avcom with a poster asking – not entirely in jest – “if you live in Pierre van Ryneveld and have a door in your backyard which isn’t normally there, the SAAF Museum would like it back please. It came off during the air show”.

The Museum today (Monday, 26 September) confirmed the door had indeed departed the fuselage while in the air on Saturday.

“The Atlas C4M Kudu lost its door during a planned aerial display at Air Force Base (AFB) Waterkloof, part of AAD, on Saturday at 10h20. The aircraft landed safely at AFB Swartkop and the door was recovered in the Cornwall Hill area with minor damage,” the museum said in response to a defenceWeb enquiry.


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