I have a contempt for Capitalism – Hitler’s National Socialism is far superior

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This is from some interactions I had.

It started when I wrote this in passing to some people:

But I’m also developing a deep hatred of "capitalism". The more I watch it in action, the more I despise it. It’s most definitely pro-Jewish and anti-White.

Then an American lady replied:

Capitalism is a SYSTEM, not a “thing.” If it’s controlled by Jews, that has nothing to do with whether the system is good or bad. Actually, capitalism worked best when it was ungirded with Christian morality. Remember Mr. Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol? That was a Christian capitalist. What replaced him was secular capitalism without the necessary morality to assure it was honest, fair and concerned about the wellbeing of both the worker and the rest of the culture.

Then I replied as follows:
I have not explained my position on Capitalism clearly. I am reaching the conclusion, ever more, that Capitalism alone is NOT adequate, nor the proper way to run an economy – regardless of how much Jews pervert it. It is a system that is based on supply and demand, and in a country, especially one with a smaller population than the USA, you CANNOT rely on that system alone. The needs of a nation are such that capitalism will fall short in many areas. There will be either an over supply of some things and an under supply of others. Some things will be too expensive, and yet they are critically needed, etc, etc. I have been thinking that Socialism, as Hitler practised it, is by far the only way. And make no mistake that Hitler and Mussolini were running "capitalistic systems" all the way. All Hitler’s requirements were supplied by businesses, including very large businesses. I am convinced that the manner in which Hitler made rules and changed rules in order to oversee and control the economy IS THE BEST WAY. But "Free Market Capitalism" as a system is unworkable actually. It can never supply what is needed. I also don’t believe the "Free Market" is as free as is claimed either. I’m very skeptical about the markets. I also think that running a country based on markets is very wrong. You need to have a focus on a clear strategy and things the nation requires, and that can NEVER match up with the Free Market. You must have high level strategies and goals. The Government for example must see to it that certain infrastructure is there. The more I ponder the matter, and observe current nations as well as history, the less I believe in Capitalism. Even that term CAPITAL is wrong. We could say that I believe somewhat in a "Free Market Economy" where people are given opportunities. But, even that needs direction and control from a higher level. I am quite convinced also that "Free Markets" actually MISDIRECT the allocation of labour. You get all kinds of talented people working in all kinds of junk jobs that really is not the best place to put those people. I think Hitler’s National Socialism is far superior to anything that exists. There are other issues, like the "elite" that is created by all this money. That is a whole other problem. I don’t think that money is the correct way to place people so that they are doing things to the maximum benefit of society. I believe in "Capitalism" less and less by the day. I think the only sane method is a form of socialism.

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