EUROPEAN SCIENTISTS ARE AWESOME: French & German Scientists beat American Scientists on AIDS!

People are made to believe that China is incredible and America, home of the Jews is amazing. But don’t get too worried. I will keep reminding you that the best scientists on the planet are sitting in EUROPE but the JEWS do not like to talk about how brilliant the Europeans are.

In this case, let me tell you a bit about AIDS.

Several weeks ago I was looking into the issue of AIDS in order to catch up on my own knowledge of it. I was astounded to discover that the USA took MONTHS to isolate the AIDS virus. I can’t remember if the person in charge of the AIDS research was a JEW … I almost think so. But pardon me if I’m wrong.

The French on the other hand were able to isolate the AIDS virus in 3 weeks!!!! (If I remember correctly). The Americans had been fumbling and bumbling around for MONTHS and the French nailed it in one shot.

Also for the record, the Germans are the only people who have actually CURED someone of AIDS! Yes, its actually been DONE! Its very, very tricky. It was done in Berlin, by Germans, and its not easy to do. There are all sorts of complications.

Don’t forget … Europe is incredible … and there are many brilliant white scientists all across Europe. Jews HATE EUROPE so you won’t hear much about it in the news!

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