COVID-19: South Africa’s Prohibition & insanity – What of ILLEGAL STUFF? – BLACK MARKETS

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I’ve not yet heard anyone speaking of illegal activities under lockdown, but I suspect there must be a lot. I do know blacks were caught with a lot illegal cigarettes since cigarettes are not to be sold during lockdown! Hahahaha. As if that would make a difference!

Also, I’ve heard that due to the liquor shut down which prevents us from buying liquor in any form, that South Africans have been going crazy trying to invent or brew their own alcohol! Who knows what comes of this.

I did hear that blacks broke into a liquor store not far from where I live.

I BET YOU OUR GOVERNMENT MINISTERS ARE DRINKING LIQUOR AND SMOKING! I am sure they have liquor. I bet you a LOT of illegal stuff is going on and I bet you that our senior leaders are themselves breaking some or all of the ridiculous lockdown rules they came up with. South Africa has not had a "prohibition" like this and I think there must be quite a black market going on.

I know in Zimbabwe, when its economy was imploding, that blacks were constantly breaking all the laws. There were black markets and all kinds of illegal deals going down.

Government, Police and other officials might well be involved in all of this.

Rest assured a lot of nonsense is going on. We will find out more about it later.

Books will still be written about the stupidity here.

I think some of the wildest COVID-19 lockdown stories will yet come out of South Africa.

Then you’ll see how dysfunctional this country really is.

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