Professor Quigley: Jews & Elite’s plans: Will New Multiracial Civilisation fail while New White Civilisation takes off?


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On Gab I posted these comments regarding the Elite and Jewish scum and their hopes for a new civilisation. As I read Quigley’s book on civilisations, I think this could easily go so wrong for them, and that WHITES will come out tops:

Its not tragedy and hope that I’m studying. I’ll look at that later.

My focus is on a book he wrote about the rise and fall of civilisations. It was a book he compiled during his life, but it was only published after his death. I’m finding the concepts interesting. He’s a unique thinker, especially as an American. I was sure that in his concepts on the rise and fall of civilisations that I’d find some gold, and indeed I have. I’m just over half way through the book. I will definitely be doing videos on him and his thoughts. It seems to me he was incredibly influential. Bill Clinton was one of his students. He’s fascinating.

I think though, that the Jews and Free Masons, as much as they try to herd people, that I think they also miscalculate. For example they might think that white+black+jews=new civilisation, but the reality might be something different. They might ignore what white+white is doing, and white+white=new civilisation. Quigley himself says a number of postive things about whites (when referring to “our civilisation”).

I think also that our experiences here in Africa are very valuable, in showing that what the Jews+Free Masons are trying, will actually fail. It is failing in Africa, and it will yet fail in the USA+Europe. Quigley writes in detail, which I like a lot.

It makes me think of what Napoleon said. He said: You cannot start a revolution, and you cannot stop a revolution. In other words, bigger factors are at work. I think the same can easily happen in this experiment by the Elite to create a new civilisation. They may think the outcome will be a successful multiracial civilisation, when in fact it might trigger a new white civilisation that has moved to the next level (e.g. white racial unity globally like never before).

I truly fail to see how flooding the USA, Canada and Europe, how this will result in a successful civilisation that whites will want to be a part of. I’m convinced it will fail. Furthermore, when the blacks tried to grab Africa through “nationalist” (communist actually), movements, the West made its own counter moves. That is something else I’ve been studying, especially the more deceptive moves of the West. I would say the West outmanoeuvred the blacks. The blacks are struggling and going nowhere, whereas the West has progressed forward, ESPECIALLY EUROPE – from the shattered remains of WW2. The West is more powerful than ever while the Blacks have made so many huge errors. I’m convinced we in the White Right or Alt Right, that our work, if we do this properly, will help create white global racial unity LIKE NEVER BEFORE, and this will trigger things bigger than the Jews, commies, Free Masons or blacks could ever achieve. We’re far too creative and far too successful in REAL WORLD ACTIVITIES – like building, war, etc. The blacks in Africa, in my estimation, have run out of steam. They all have. They’ve thrown every punch they could, and they’re going nowhere. Wait for the white counter punch!

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