Could the Russians be friends of White South Africans? Could we abandon America? Would we get weapons from Russia?


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Video: 50 Years of Race War in southern Africa presented by Jan in Canada
This lecture is JAM PACKED with tons of facts about us Whites in southern Africa and the wars we fought against Black Communists and AGAINST BLACK RULE. We did NOT want to be ruled by Blacks.In this lecture, I show photos and also videos about many of the key things that happened between us and the Blacks. This is primarily a presentation of how we fought wars over decades, even though there were only a few of us.

[This is from a French lady I know who at one time even lived in South Africa. She took me to task, as have many regarding the Russians and especially Putin. There are a number of White Racial Americans who are very angry with me over my skepticism about Putin. I have been watching Putin during this Ukraine war, or "special military operation" as he calls it. I too had been fooled by Putin's very manly macho image in prior years. I quite liked that false image he created of himself. But an opinion I have formed of Putin during this Ukraine war is that Putin is much more of a diplomat with his own style of propaganda than I had ever imagined. This is my own analysis from watching the way he deals with many things. I had started out by viewing Putin as a type of war lord and FIGHTER, but after months of observing him, I have actually concluded that Putin is a propagandist. It is not something I had expected to find. I also notice that lots of Whites, especially on the White Right are fooled by the Russians into believing that the Russians are somehow the last vestige of the Western White world. I have even on occasion had minor interactions with Russians and tested them. If you tell a Russian that they are "White" they don't even know what "White" is. It has no meaning to them. White Russians think of themselves as RUSSIANS. They think in NATIONALISTIC TERMS. They do NOT think in racial terms. Under Communism they were taught all people are equal. If they prefer the company of other White Russians or Whites it is simply a personal choice and not based on Race. I have a neighbour who grew up in Bulgaria in the final days of communism. When I spoke to my neighbour about race and science, my neighbour tossed it out of the window despite boasting of her knowledge of science and logic. The notion that somehow Russia is deeply different to the old Soviet Union ignores the fact that a lot of geostrategy is based on geography and never actually changes. Jews are responsible for all kinds of junk ideas and garbage which fools people for a time. The real issue below is WHO ARE THE FRIENDS OF WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS? Do we actually have any real friends? This is something I investigated from the very beginning of setting up my original AfricanCrisis. After years of looking at the matter I concluded the only real friends we will have are OTHER COMMON WHITES LIKE US. I concluded that our situation is true FOR ALL OTHER NORMAL WHITES TOO. There are no normal common Whites on this planet who can look to any other STATE to save them. In this regard there are White Americans who are in love with Russia on the basis that Russia will save them. This is garbage. The Russians have had an interest in neo-NAZIS in the West for a long time as a destabilizing force – as a possible basis for terrorism inside the West and no more. Not because they actually like them. But simply to use them and abuse them. ALL COMMON WHITES ONLY HAVE ONE SET OF FRIENDS: OTHER NORMAL COMMON WHITES. PERIOD. There is NO WHITE STATE anywhere on the planet for White people. The last true states for us were the Third Reich, Mussolini's Italy and the Axis allies; then Apartheid South Africa, Rhodesia and Portugal. The friendlist states for Whites ARE EUROPEAN ONES EVEN SMALL ONES. All the Great Powers are anti-White. I have of late been digging into the Multipolar world and into trying to grasp what "American Grand Strategy" is. And it's all a bunch of Jewish crap that has fooled the White Elites of America. It's all garbage. Don't think that the actions of nations are determined by how they "feel". It is determined by physical geography more than anything. All nations sit and face the same problems and advantages sometimes for hundreds of years. The Russians also, are a very OVERRATED people. They're not as good as people believe. I am in favour of the idea of RACIALISING THE WHITE RUSSIANS. Yes, White Russians should be RACIALISED and brought into the White world properly. Yes, I am in favour of that. They are racially our people. Their roots are European, even viking and Nordic. But you need to teach them first that they are a part of us. Also, don't forget that Putin has been a big old crybaby about the "Azov Neo-Nazis" of the Ukraine. He's been pushing the NAZI narrative endlessly in 2022. You can't deny that. Here is the exchange between the French lady and myself. And what I've written here is by no means the full story. This is a complex topic and I see that Whites think in only diplomatic terms, but the world does not work that way. It's much more complex. Jan]

YOUR 28th AUGUST 2022 REPORT I had saved, contains very interesting articles, indeed !

But I don’t agree with you when you say :
[Take note that NO AFRICAN COUNTRIES are against Russia!!! It's like I've been trying to tell people. The Russians are BIG BUDDIES with all the African Governments! Putin's most loyal buddies are BLACKS in AFRICA. The Russians came here and armed and trained the Blacks to fight us Whites. Sometimes we even killed Russians or caught Russians. Jan]

There is more than what the eye can catch !

Catching and killing Russians, yes I remember very well, happened during the "Bush War", when Russia was still communist and called USSR. In Angola troops were sent to fight Savimbi (who was not a communist) and came across the White South Arican army and mercenaries -from whom they got a good hiding. But who spoilt the game, stopped our troops from fighting and marching to Luanda? If not deceitful America, Kissinger and the lot?

Today Putin still deals with Africa to counter America – real politik – but at the same time, he has accepted to help S.A. farmers wanting to emigrate to Russia.
Let’s face it : Almost every American administration stabbed us in the back, has been against us, our worst enemy !
And, as far as I know, we never hear about Russian girls going out with Blacks and I believe students of ‘color’ don’t really mix the population!

Go well!

This was my reply to the lady:-

Hi xxx,
I understand your position and many other whites think the same. I fully understand where you’re coming from.

It’s a complex topic. But don’t imagine Russia will save our race. The Russians have been nothing but a threat to Whites in Europe for centuries.

From the time of Napoleon to the present day. There are blacks in Russia. and Russia is buddies with the blacks even now.

I’ve posted stories from 2022 where Putin was reminding the ANC of what they owe Russia.

All the Blacks in Southern Africa still turn to Russia. They know Russia will sell them WEAPONS any time to fight Whites.

It’s a very complex topic. I even personally spoke to a German who was a spy for the Russians in Angola.

I asked him to his face if the Putin would sell us Whites weapons. He said it’s very possible.

But I don’t trust the Russians.

However, it’s a complex topic.

Could the Whites of South Africa be on the side of Russia against America and the West?

Well that is something I’ve pondered. It’s a thing quite a number of Whites in the White Right have explored. Others have spoken directly to the Russians.

But when I see how Putin and the Russians operate with the Black Governments I reckon that Putin and the Russians will simply set up any Whites up and let the Blacks catch them.

Perhaps, if there is a lot of war in the world and the Russians are desperate to open a front that hurts the West, AND the Russians believe the Boers still have the ability to fight – then maybe.

But I don’t think it’s very likely.

You clearly BELIEVE (FALSELY) like so many other Whites that somehow Russia has CHANGED MASSIVELY, and you are wrong.

MOST geostrategic situations DO NOT CHANGE. People think geostrategy has changed. But it hasn’t.

It’s a very complex topic.

Yes, the Americans have treated us like bloody dirt. And yes the Americans might even try to come and KILL US if we fight the Blacks.

But I don’t see the Russians helping us.

Past experience shows that the best hope for Whites in South Africa is EUROPE – even small European countries.

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY FOREIGN POLICY. Most of it is just smoke and mirrors.

Until one actually meets face to face with other governments or officials you won’t really know.

I think *EVERYONE* believes the Whites of SA (the Boere-Afrikaners particularly) are FINISHED.

But we are far from finished.

Most analyses are merely smoke and mirrors and just a lot of talk.

Keep watching Russia. Russia’s strategic ally is China. Those two non-European powers will stick together.

America’s policy is a mess. I’ve been doing a lot of investigation. I’ll put something out in a video.


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Blacks in Africa hate talking about AIDS and they hide it. This was a good news report I managed to find years ago. Nowadays, you don‘t see anything like this being published.

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