Communist loving White Christian Professor & Bishop founded the disgusting Gun Free South Africa organisation


[I decided to dig into who the pieces of anti-white shit were who founded the lying, gun-hating Gun Free South Africa. It took me to a communist loving, Nelson Mandela loving Christian Professor and Bishop who was in with the communist influenced SACC (South African Council of Churches). This is the piece of shit who is trying to disarm whites. He was also a personal chaplain to Nelson Mandela when he was in prison.

If you want to read something disgusting from a Christian who is a piece of pure shit, then read “The Nelson Mandela I knew and loved” by Peter Storey: Jan]


Former Church Leader and Professor

Currently resides in: Western Cape, South Africa

Born 04-12-1938 in Brakpan South Africa

Peter Storey is a former bishop of the Methodist Church of SA and leader in the Ecumenical movement and a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Duke University, North Carolina. Once chaplaln to Nelson Mandela and others on Robben Island, he founded Life Line SA and Gun Free SA. and served as a member of the panel that selected the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He is a widely sought international preacher and lecturer and his most recent task was the planning and building of the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary in Pietermaritzburg.



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