Christianity, Hitler and the Education that all White Children MUST GET

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This is from a note I sent to some friends of mine. Take special note of what I think we need to do with the children. Hitler was teaching the German kids everything they needed to know. But every White child needs to learn certain things. Plus, boys need to learn certain things and girls need to learn other things. Everybody needs to know how they fit into this system, and what is expected of them. So here are the excerpts from my note:

One thing we have definitely done which Hitler warned about is this. He said that Christianity, taken to its extreme results in the systematic cultivation of failure.

In Christianity we spend far too much time forgiving the wrong people. I have no problem with Christian values IF APPLIED TO WHITES.

We must treat our people well and uplift them and educate them. But to apply them universally is insane.

What we seriously need is POLITICAL, RACIAL and CULTURAL education for all White kids.
They must know: WHO THEY ARE, WHERE THEY COME FROM, WHERE THEY ARE GOING TO, and WHY WE DO THE THINGS WE DO. They need to know this inside out.

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