Examples of crime messages Whites get every day across South Africa

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Here in South Africa virtually all the whites (and many non-whites too), are on Emergency or anti-Crime groups. We have groups where nobody sends a message except in an emergency. I belong to an emergency group in my area, but in reality in South Africa there must be at least tens of thousands of such groups, which are run by security companies or neighbourhood watches. They exist for every suburb and even for small towns. We get so many messages, that I’m bored with them. And its all the same stuff. Crime, crime, crime.

They also have code words to not say “Black male”. So they’ll say things like “Bravo Male” meaning “Black Male”. The race of the criminal is important so you know what you’re looking for. But the Govt and the (((Liberal))) Mass Media do not like race ever being mentioned. (It might even be illegal). But people need to convey as much info as possible, so they use code words.

Here is a message one of my friends sent me today. This is just one of MASSES of messages that pass between whites daily. I wouldn’t be surprised if, every day, hundreds of thousands of crime-related messages passed among whites. I have no idea what the volume is. I switched off long ago. One grows bored with this type of stuff.

Here’s one example from a friend. It says SAPS (South African Police Service) – but to be honest the Police generally tell us nothing. 99% of all crime is detected by either civilians or security companies – and not the Police. The dogshit useless Police merely do the paperwork after the crime has occurred. They don’t even look for the criminals. They do the paperwork so that people can claim from the insurance – that’s all. The Police are really clerks and nothing more. So here’s the message:-

Media Release
Armed Robbers pretending to work for the SABC wanting to inspect homes for the number of TV’s in the Household and see the License for each TV. 3 Males, very neatly dresses in Suits but dangerous. Driven Silver VW Caddy with registration HH xx LP GP. If they come to your House don’t open for them, call SAPS.
Please inform people in the Area.

So here are robbers pretending to work for the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation). I hid part of the license plate number above.

Now here’s a series of messages from my suburb. This is from an emergency group. Here is the series of messages. SCP is the security company in the area:-

[05:45, 11/28/2018]  Help . 122ja
[05:45, 11/28/2018]  Help . 122ja
[05:45, 11/28/2018]  Scp on route, standby everyone
[05:45, 11/28/2018]  SCP on route
[05:45, 11/28/2018]  Armed robbery at 122 JA. Victim (Rxxxy) was robbed in his drive way. Cash and goods were taken out of the vehicle. Suspects, 4 B/males in a getaway Grey/SWilver VW Jetta no reg seen.

So in the above, 4 black males robbed someone in his driveway.

So that’s a small insight into crime in SA.


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