BAD NEWS FOR WHITES: The Black Jew says: Ramaphosa says his ANC second term will bite more, bark less

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Despite a general state of disorganisation and chaos in the build-up to its anniversary celebrations, the ANC eventually convened a lukewarm event at the Dr Petrus Molemela Stadium in Mangaung.

At the event attended by about 15,000 ANC supporters President Cyril Ramaphosa’s three-week-old second term moved into higher gear.

More action, less talk will be the order of the day over the next five years.

Ramaphosa who is often criticised for his long game strategy, indicated that it had come to an end as his renewal project will show no mercy and move at high speed.

It has become apparent that Ramaphosa’s second term will be more lethal to rogue elements within the party and the state than during his first term, when his strategy to avoid rocking the boat moved too slowly and compromised his chances for a second term.

After his re-election last month, most likely his last term at the helm of the Luthuli House outfit, Ramaphosa said action will characterise his leadership style and underpin his renewal agenda.

“The journey of renewal has to begin in earnest and become unstoppable and irreversible, so that we pay attention to and direct all our energies to the resolution of the pressing problems facing the people of South Africa.

“Those who are corrupt and stealing public money will be sent to jail. The time for talk is over, we will have to act decisively,” said an upbeat Ramaphosa.

The president has for the whole week, including in build-up events before the Sunday main event, repeated that those who try to oppose or derail his renewal agenda during this term will have tough times.

“The train of renewal is in motion and is unstoppable. It will crush all who stand in its way.”

This year, said Ramaphosa, the ANC will cease implementing Vision 2032, which was recently adopted by national conference, to guide the renewal and rebuilding of the party over the next 10 years.

Under his stewardship, he added, the governing party will also move to reposition its branches as agents of community development instead of being voting cattle that only live once there is a national conference and a need to elect new leadership.

“Strengthening our branches must include ending gatekeeping and other deviant practices. We will build on progress made through the implementation of the new ANC membership system that has strengthened efforts to eliminate the abuse of organisational processes,” he said.

Ramaphosa will also move to build a governing party that has unquestionable governance capacity through the quality of its cadres it deploys in the state.

Being popular in party meetings will no longer be enough to earn ANC leaders positions in local, provincial and national government, Ramaphosa announced.

“The principle of meritocratic deployment will be upheld to ensure that the people’s interests are advanced. We will ensure accountability and consequence management by strengthening reporting mechanisms for all public representatives.”

After little progress in bringing proponents of state capture to book, Ramaphosa said the ANC and its government has no choice but to accelerate action in this regard.

“The ANC calls for speedy implementation of the recommendations of the commission of inquiry on state capture. Those implicated by the commission in acts of corruption and fraud must be investigated and, where appropriate, prosecuted.”

Ramaphosa is likely to have his way more in this ANC term than his first, wherein the so-called RET forces put up a formidable fight until they got obliterated at the December 2022 conference with an NEC that is almost entirely the president’s sympathisers.


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