Apartheid’s Architect: Dr Verwoerd had to have read Oswald Spengler’s Decline of the West

In recent weeks I was going through the German, Oswald Spengler’s book The Decline of the West. It is an extremely daunting book. Truly scary. I have had it for a long time but it is so scary in terms of size. But I must admit that there are some deep truths, and some amazing ideas therein that have stood the test of time. Truly, to write a book and for the message in that book to predict and to be valid a century later is an almost God-like achievement. The world is extremely, super complex. But Spengler’s book is good and Spengler warned, a century ago that the White Race, the European people were going to face a huge problem with the coloured races and that they could destroy us.

But in my studies of Dr Verwoerd, I have come across predictions that Verwoerd made for the Whites of South Africa and he said that the Whites had only lived through one quarter of their existence as a people.

I wondered where Verwoerd got this idea from. But I think it might be Spengler. Verwoerd was in Germany and did study in Germany in the 1920s. I have made the case that Verwoerd was a closet NAZI. There is no question that Verwoerd was a national socialist.

So I think it is almost a certainty that Verwoerd must have read Spengler and that this just added to his knowledge and determination to ensure that a White South Africa exists because he knew of Spengler’s work and predictions. I think this is a reasonable possibility.

Sadly, very sadly, the Jews had Dr Verwoerd killed. They could not let this White man live.

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