Photo: Jewish supported White-Hating Communist Julius Malema’s protest to seize White Land


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[This is a protest that the Black Communist, Julius Malema had in the Cape at the premises of the White billionaire Johan Rupert. Rupert is one of these super-rich White traitors, who is aligned with the Jews. Rupert and the Jewish Rothschilds produce a South African wine together. This year Rupert lost about R20 billion due to the Ukrainian war. Julius Malema went and protested there, and of course, he and his people refer to Whites in general in their banners. Now Malema himself has got Jewish support that he gets. There are even instances where “White Jews” joined his EFF. And Malema has openly said that one day he will be the President of South Africa. Malema is intensely hated by the Whites and he got away with openly calling for the genocide of Whites. I have no sympathy for Rupert. Rupert’s father, I think, *HATED* Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, whom the Jews later assassinated. The main point below are the banners that Black communists are holding up. This happened on 6th April 2022. The link to the origina story is below the photo. Jan]


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