A reminder for White South Africans about Race War – 2 Videos to study…

The topic of Race War is very much around again from things I have been hearing. The best and most relevant history to our situation is what happened in Angola in 1961. Here are the videos I did about it. Here are unique insights:-

Here are the 2 video links:
Video & Audio: When the Blacks tried to genocide all the Portuguese in Angola: The Battle of Carmona – http://africancrisis.info/index.php/video-audio-when-the-blacks-tried-to-genocide-all-the-portuguese-in-angola-the-battle-of-carmona/

Video & Audio: Portuguese Angola: RACE WAR: When Whites counter-genocided Blacks… – http://africancrisis.info/index.php/video-audio-portuguese-angola-race-war-when-whites-counter-genocided-blacks/

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