2019: Christian Crusaders: When White South African Christians wanted to kill Blacks and reinstate White rule

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This was a kickass Englishman I knew, who fought in Rhodesia and S.Africa. He ran a security company. He died under mysterious circumstances.

Some years ago, people were telling me here in South Africa that there is an awesome group of Christians who will one day fight the Blacks. I was told that there is a group known as "The Crusaders" and that they were Christians and they were led by a man called Harry Knoesen. I was told that there were hundreds of them and that among them were ex-Special Forces (Recces). And they were going to be kick ass. Anyhow, I did not dig more and I forgot about them.

I am a skeptic when people claim that they are going to be awesome in future wars. That’s where my skepticism begins. I’ve heard that too many times out of the mouths of the Suidlanders who were led by a bunch of clowns.

I think it was in December 2019, that one day on my phone I got a video where a White man in a military uniform, speaking in Afrikaans was saying that the time had come to ATTACK the government. I was quite amazed by the video. I think it was about 11 minutes long. When I asked who this man was, someone told me it was Harry Knoesen of the Crusaders.

It turned out he was really serious and he had given the order for them to attack.

It wasn’t long before the Cops were on to the Crusaders and arrested Harry and others.

But it’s been a long time now, and Harry was due to go on trial. But I’ve never heard anything further. It’s bothering me. I hate silence. I hate it when there is silence and you don’t know what happened. This is bad. Regardless of errors and weirdness and other stuff – THE TRUTH IS CRITICAL AND THE TRUTH MUST COME OUT.

To my amazement I still haven’t seen any news articles about Harry or the Crusaders. The latest news stories I can find are dated 28 August 2020.

Now there were hundreds of White Christians in Harry’s organisation. Shortly after the arrests began, I think they deleted all their Internet and phone groups. In fact, I’m looking for the original 11 minute video that Harry put out back in 2019. I think he may have put out 2 videos before he was arrested. But it’s the one where he calls for ATTACK that I want the most.

The event is amazingly rare. It is the only time I know of a Christian actually calling to attack an enemy.

I have mentioned Harry a few times in the past. My sense of the matter is that people in his group may have turned on him and possibly even testified against him. He had said he would face his charges and would defend himself. To me it was as if people in this organization turned on him and ratted on him once he had been arrested.

He was up for treason. And it may be that he would, in the end, be almost ALONE as the fall guy for "The Crusaders".

Harry also apparently had some Black allies – believe it or not.

The sheer lack of news stories regarding Harry Knoesen and The Crusaders, bothers me. It seems to me, even the Whites are trying to hide the story.

THIS IS WRONG. All things that people do, whether it succeeds or fails, need to be published and we need to get the details of what happened.

There is a very nasty story about the arrest of Harry Knoesen that I will not go into here. It is something I saw, and it caused a lot of consternation among the Boers at the time. But it’s not something I think I will discuss here in the open. It showed me something shocking, and it is a lesson to keep in the back of one’s mind. Let’s call it, another level of betrayal and leave it at that.

But this entire story of Harry Knoesen is a story that we must NOT let slip under the carpet. It is too important. This is the first White man who tried to do something since the original Boere Mag, over twenty of whom ended up in jail, and some are still in jail now.

The Boeremag were a much more organised and clever group of Whites from what I have been able to assess. But any moves by any Whites, regardless of what they do, must be published – regardless of all the dirty laundry and nasty stuff. I am a deep believer in the truth, the need for the truth and the importance of telling it.

I suspect though, that the vast majority of The Crusaders, immediately disappeared and hid themselves and they don’t want anyone to track them down, which I can understand. But it does seem to me that people at the top, people whom Harry trusted, were among those who ratted on him.

Now when Whites fail at anything, it is always good to assess what they did and to understand what drove them and who played what role. So even though the Harry Knoesen stuff was a total debacle and flop, the fact is, it happened and they did exist.

There is far too much that is hidden. Even going back into the 1980s … there are things that people have forgotten. It’s all wrong. People MUST PUBLISH data on events – regardless of the outcome. It has historical value.

Harry should have been on trial already. There should be information about it. Yet I see nothing. I will be making my own private enquiries too. I hate the silence around Harry Knoesen and the Crusaders.

A final note though, is that I have my own theories about Christians and their involvement in such matters as these. It is my opinion that when Christians are in "Christian mode" and surrounded by other Christians, they MISTAKENLY BELIEVE they can trust each other and that collectively they will do better than non-Christians. I’ve seen this before in other things.Their assessments, as coloured by their beliefs, may in fact set them up for failure.

It would be interesting to know more about Harry and what he believed and what he thought he could achieve. My own suspicion is that he miscalculated in many ways.

However, it must be said that Harry Knoesen did have one characteristic wherein he shines, and it is that he stood up by himself to be counted and he dared to try something that nobody else dared to. Whatever his failures in judgment and planning, we have to acknowledge that Harry Knoesen had courage in a way that few have. And on that, nobody can fault him.

What I do think is rather despicable, is if it turns out that others whom he trusted, ratted him out. I think, and suspect that quite a few people may have turned state witness against him. This also happened in the Boeremag trials. That would not be nice at all. I have a suspicion that this happened.

BUT THIS IS ALSO QUITE NORMAL. This is all part and parcel of the problems of life. It is nothing new. It happens among Whites as well as other races. And it’s happened in history. BUT WHEN A LEADER TRIES TO PLAY A HIGH STAKES GAME, IT IS A VERY DIFFERENT WORLD! Few make it. Very, very, very FEW ever succeed. This separates the men from the boys. It’s an old game.

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