2007: SUIDLANDER LIES & Suidlanders: Many New & Interesting Questions about Gustav Muller & his real purpose

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[This is an analysis from 2007 from my archive. You'll see what my supporters and I were busy doing back then. It all started with a DVD of Gustav Muller coming out. In it he spoke in Afrikaans and elaborated on the Suidlanders and their plans. Take note of the discussions below that I had with my supporters, some of whom were military. Then look at my suspicions about what they might really be. However, most importantly, take a look at the LIES THEY WERE ALREADY SPREADING on a big scale. For example, they claimed Nelson Mandela was DEAD even though it was his birthday and he was on TV. They also denied their MASSIVE SMS and Email campaign which caused a big panic earlier in 2007. Jan]

Suidlanders: Many New & Interesting Questions about Gustav Muller & his real purpose

WARNING: This is Version 1 of my old archive, so Photos will NOT work and many links will NOT work. But you can find articles by searching on the Titles. There is a lot of information in this archive. Use the SEARCH BAR at the top right. Prior to December 2012; I was a pro-Christian type of Conservative. I was unaware of the mass of Jewish lies in history, especially the lies regarding WW2 and Hitler. So in here you will find pro-Jewish and pro-Israel material. I was definitely WRONG about the Boeremag and Janusz Walus. They were for real.

Original Post Date: 2007-07-31 Time: 00:00:00 Posted By: Jan

The more people speak to me about the Suidlanders and the more I think about them, the more fascinating things become.

One Afrikaner I know – (ex-airforce SAAF) – is very impressed with Gustav Muller. I too must admit that Gustav knows how to do a talk and a presentation. He is good at this.

My ex-SAAF buddy was saying that for him, all the core issues now revolve around Gustav Muller.

Exactly what is his background?
Is it his real name?

One thing in the DVD is that it appears as if Gustav Muller is a businessman and he owns a trucking business. My ex-SAAF buddy tells me the name of Gustav’s company is: DagBreek.

Does anyone know anything about Gustav? Was he in the military? What work does he do? What political parties has he supported, etc?

I have quite a bit of knowledge about the young Afrikaners working with him. But they’re not the focus of our interest.

My ex-SAAF buddy also wrote to the Suidlanders but is waiting for them to reply to him. He’s been waiting for 3 weeks now.

It does appear as if Gustav is doing a tour around the country preparing for Mandela’s death and the whole concept of getting people to get to gather in Heilbron in the Free State – but they might come up with other gathering points.

When I sit back and think about their logic, all I can say is that his “Military Defense Plan”, can be ripped to SHREDS in 101 different ways. One of my friends is keen. He reckons when Mandela dies, he’s definitely running out of Pretoria. But I on the other hand, have sat and looked at the plan and I think as a military plan, FOR THE PURPOSE IT IS CONCEIVED FOR – it is not good.

BUT, again, it raises the question of what the purpose is.

Is the purpose of the plan actually the purpose that they claim PUBLICLY?

Here are all the possibilities I have thought of with respect to the Suidlanders:-
1. It is aimed at truly preparing for the day Mandela dies in the genuine belief that there will be a slaughter of whites.

2. It is an National Intelligence trick – a false flag op for a variety of purposes – mostly psychological – and for intelligence to see how whites react and do they have arms stashed away, etc.

3. The Military Defense plan actually is a cover for a military ATTACK plan. Portray the whole issue as being “for self-defence” when in fact, it is a cover to gather people to go on an “attack” or a counter-attack. By attack I mean, there was no attack by blacks – so it is a purely offensive operation done by WHITES the day Mandela dies. Or by Counter-attack I mean, the blacks do attack, and these particular whites want to counter attack.

4. This is a FINANCIAL SCAM – a way to MAKE MONEY out of gullible whites the day Mandela dies. Gustav and his buddies stand to make money out of driving thousands of panic-stricken whites into a rural area where they need accomodation, fuel, food, etc. They then capitalise and make money out of them for the duration of their stay. He says the people must leave the cities for a week or two, and there are farms and VACATION SPOTS they can go to “while his scouts check to see if the cities are safe”. Ergo, he could make money by “keeping them safe” for 1-3 weeks. By using the pretext of “safe guarding” whites (while definitely not believing in this himself – but rather playing on the beliefs of others), he knows he can get people to run to a “rallying point” – but in fact… he himself does not believe there is any danger at all, and the purpose of the exercise is really financial gain. When nothing happens – he merely sends everyone home – but he and his friends have coined in on the cash made while people stayed there for the 2 or more weeks that they were away from their homes.

5. A National Intelligence Trick to ARREST Whites en masse! The whole game could be to lure whites to a spot, and then set them up (perhaps by planting a few weapons there), and claiming that a massive WHITE UPRISING IS IN PROGRESS. So they come and arrest everyone and chuck them in jail.

What is very concerning about the Suidlanders is that they maintain that:-
(a) Nelson Mandela is actually DEAD (despite the fact that it was his birthday the other day and he was on TV, etc).
(b) They were not behind the Hoax SMS’s earlier this year.
(c) But they did definitely issue a “warning” for June 16th which was also fake.

I would be most irritated if the Suidlanders turned out to be whites who preyed on other whites and who set out to do harm to them in one way or another either by lying to them; or making money out of them; or by leading them into any trouble. That concerns me.

I am concerned by their failures and hoaxes this year and yet they refuse to change their position. This does not smell right.

As the Parabat suggested in his comments: They might all be GENUINE. So let’s say that perhaps some or most or even all of the Suidlanders are genuine. But even so, what is the driving force behind all this? Is it what they claim it to be, or is it something more cunning and deceitful?

The Suidlanders are going to become a big subject I think for however long their game continues while Mandela is alive. This could drag on for a year or ten years. I noticed that they have a link to AfricanCrisis on their site. But they have never communicated with me in any way. I will return the favour by setting up a whole menu on AfricanCrisis devoted to all the Suidlander articles and info and the ongoing analyses and discussions about them.

I am concerned that their game may be to scam or harm others or to take advantage of the beliefs people have and to play on them. Jan.

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=15532

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