Video: Top Jewish Organisation behind Draconian Hate Speech Law In South Africa

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Dr Peter Hammond unleashes explosive information in this interview I had with him this week. He explains how he & other Christians were present when the Govt held consultations regarding the draconian hate speech laws. The deputy Minister told them that the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and an LGBT organisation were behind these horrific laws. Dr Hammond also tells of his experiences in holocaust museums in the USA. EVERY CHRISTIAN must listen to Dr Hammond and his mind-blowing exposes! These will rock you! Dr Peter Hammond also comes from Rhodesia.

All Dr Peter Hammond’s contact details are here, including his 2 websites with many books. (He’s written stacks of books). Everything is here:

2 thoughts on “Video: Top Jewish Organisation behind Draconian Hate Speech Law In South Africa

  • 5th September 2018 at 5:44 pm

    Yes, he’s not hard core. He should be given credit as one of the very few Christians in South Africa to even mention the Jew. The rest are totally blind and suck up to the Jews like those dumb pro-Israel Christian Zionists in the USA. I’d say that Hammond is at least leading the way forward… I think he should get credit for that.

  • 5th September 2018 at 5:39 pm

    Unfortunately Peter Hammond seems naive about Christianity, which of course is ‘Jewish’.
    He thinks almost all countries in 1900 were ruled by Christians! In fact, the churches were subordinate to genuine power, and co-operated with Jew money. Just as now.


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