Whites: In our modern CLOWN WORLD: STUPIDITY is our BEST FRIEND…

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We live in a Clown World currently… where this meme is correct:

We are in a time where the weak have created the clown world of pure stupidity that we are living in now.

But, this is good. And for us, the rampant stupidity and idiotic thinking … almost all of which is NOT based on actual logic, but is rather based on emotions has its benefits.

The benefit for us is that idiocy and all forms of stupidity, which we ourselves resisted, will actually help us in the long run.

Now that rampant foolishness and utter madness, in every conceivable form, exists in our world, the benefit is, that the weak are actually destroying themselves in the process.

So just hang in there. Let the foolish, who control most things, do their thing, because they will break virtually everything. And that will prepare the way for the STRONG MEN who will replace them.

Nature does not tolerate stupidity. Stupidity will be punished most harshly by Nature itself.

So hang in there, and when you hear of or read something utterly, insanely stupid, then think of the above clown in the form of Pepe the Frog.

This is merely a natural cycle and the weak will lay the foundations for their own destruction and Nature and Life will roll on forward AS IT ALWAYS DOES… into a new era.

Don’t give up. Don’t despair. Don’t quite. NEVER THINK OF SUICIDE! NEVER! Just hang in there … Clown World may offer us wonderful gifts in the fullness of time.

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