WHITE EMPIRE: Should we stop calling ourselves White? – Reader replies: Identity Europa or European Descent?

I liked this answer someone gave me. I think this is definitely a move in the right direction. Referring to ourselves as being of “European descent” is perfect. That nails the whole issue of race and colour in a way that Jewish and Liberal scum cannot mess with it. I like the concept of Identity Europa! Yes! Excellent. (But it will be very difficult for me to start taking my own advice and stop using the term white!). I’m so used to it! Jan]

The video viewer wrote:

In our circles, we usually say “people of European descent” – that term embraces the wide range of European skin tones and can be easily used by Europeans in any part of the world.

As a group political identity, the term “Identity Europa” is becoming more widely used, both in general and in terms of the actual political organisation of that name.

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