When Germany lost WW2, the White Race lost EVERYTHING – re: Apartheid South Africa, Portuguese, Whites in Africa


Here are some comments from my Bitchute Channel readers who were talking about the Portuguese pop star in South Africa called Maria. You can see the discussion that went on.

The link it comes from is: https://www.bitchute.com/video/SL1HDIKXoA8w/

I thought it worth sharing with the rest of you (My comments are as HistoryReviewed):

FascistTruthSeeker • 4 hours ago

I wish I could support your people in South Africa. The leaders in the European Union don’t want us to know about the mass genocide against the Afrikaners by the Afrocentric sub-Saharan Communists. I don’t even think an Ethnostate can solve this issue as the international-Globalist Jewry demonstrated throughout WW2.

We need a revolutionary uprising against the United Nations, Israeli government, United States government and European Union. Give me freedom or give me death!

HistoryReviewed.com FascistTruthSeeker • 4 hours ago • edited
What is needed is a GLOBAL white uprising. An ethnostate, a white ethnostate, would not be tolerated for more than a few SECONDS… then they’ll be attacking it and bombing the shit out of it… Yet, this is what most whites want in the end … to live among whites.

I don’t think our politics can be done peacefully. In the end, any white politics will have to be followed by weapons. There is no other way. Jews will NEVER tolerate whites wanting to live by themselves peacefully. A white ethnostate on any continent is unthinkable. Thus, imagine how BEYOND BELIEF the concept is, or a white ethnostate in Africa for the Boers and whites??? ZERO.

But all whites must stand together. In the end, this is about our entire race and civilisation. We need to get it back.

NordLuxBellator • an hour ago
You had a flourishing white community in Africa 🙁 And all seems lost 🙁 Why ? Because Germany lost WW2 and the jews took over UK , USA and jewSSR .

HistoryReviewed.com NordLuxBellator • a minute ago
Dear right brother. Dead right. The bottom line is that the loss of Germany in WW2, was the loss of everything for most whites … look at what you Bulgarians had to put up with hey brother!? 50 years of f*cking communism! Half our race living in hell.

The stand the whites of Africa took after WW2 in defence of ourselves was doomed due to the Jewish control in the UK, USA and JewSSR. Britain did no better, losing its entire empire.

We lost the best of our civilisation.

DerWaldgaenger • an hour ago
Man this music is wholesome compared to the trash of today.

HistoryReviewed.com DerWaldgaenger • 4 minutes ago
It is hey. But so is most stuff from the USA, Germany, etc before "modern times" (read: JEWS and BLACKS) got involved. I listen to music a lot when I’m working here. I have quite a lot of other South African stuff, in English, from those times. Some of the more modern South African stuff is great too. Sadly, the words are in Afrikaans. I was listening to a song by a certain Afrikaans singer the other day, a love song, and I thought it ranked up there with some of the most beautiful love songs ever written. On the music front I can surprise you folks with a few things. But I brought Maria up as a bit of a tribute to the Portuguese. They didn’t cause problems for us.

My own Portuguese barber, has a photo of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd (whom the Jews hated and later had killed) in the back of his barber shop. He’s shown it to me. For the record, few know this in SA but Verwoerd was a closet National Socialist! I will turn to the topic of Verwoerd after the race war stuff. The BIGGEST SECRET of South Africa, like the JFK assassination is that JEWS had him killed. The prime mover in all the attempts to kill was a JEW. And just like the Portuguese stuff, I have the whole story. Then you’ll see the race of filth at work.

I hardly listen to any modern music. Its just garbage except for a rare piece here and there. You actually have words that you can listen to, put to music that actually sounds decent. Amazing hey! White civilisation.

Bloodfang762 • 4 hours ago
Nice voice .

HistoryReviewed.com Bloodfang762 • 9 minutes ago
Glad you like it. This is when music in South Africa was white. I’ve got a bunch of music from that time. But I collected hers because I liked most of what she did.

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