We are being SPIED ON – What I said to a Reader who was freaked out by spying…

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[A reader wrote to me with extreme concerns about communication. Below is my reply to him. Jan]

I read your message with interest and went to the website and saw the termination message.

I understand your concerns. I am a computer programmer, I’ve been at this for years. My survival so far has been due to many things. I have learned some things. BUT, I also cannot be sure with certainty how long I’ll still remain ahead of the game. Search on my website for “South African Govt spied” or spies. I have mentioned this and I have disclosed info and I will be disclosing more. There are things I CANNOT SAY IN PUBLIC. But I have learned certain things and I try to convey to whites how to survive.

So listen very carefully, read carefully, I’m trying to help people in the USA and everywhere. I will disclose plenty and I will return to these topics.

Politics is weird, tricky and dangerous and there are mind-games involved in it.

Yes, Govts do spy and probably ALL my electronic comms is spied on. Alex Linder and I have discussed this. Both of us know that all communications is being intercepted. Even so we carry on.

What I will add is this: It is not just the SA Govt that will spy on me. The US Govt can do it even better and so can the British GHQ and their “Common Wealth” spy network. There are also spies who spy on the other side’s spies and activities. So there are multiple networks of spies. Don’t be freaked out by this. There are still systems and processes at work that are useful.

For me it is more important to speak out and HAVE MY FREE SPEECH than to be quiet. It is more important for me to communicate messages to whites, rather than have silence. I would rather risk the chances of being spied on than not. AND I HAVE HAD PHYSICAL PROOF THAT I AM BEING SPIED ON AND I WILL DISCLOSE MORE OF HOW IT WORKED. I might be one of the few, if not the only person in the White right who actually had proof that I was being spied on AND the tactics they then used to destroy my actions.

Do not be afraid of this weird world. Whites can function inside it and with time whites will develop a much deeper sophistication to be able to handle it. The mind-games begin when you enter this type of politics. Its weird, scary and uncertain, but it will be a place where whites will ultimately thrive and succeed AND SMASH OUR ENEMIES. This is the future, get used to it, study and learn technology.

re: Public keys
Yes we could use that. But I trust nothing. However, it can be used if need be. I have looked seriously into cryptography.

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