Video: Important: WAR between the Super Rich scum vs Zuma & the ANC

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South Africa might be heading into its “Zimbabwe melt-down phase”. It seems to me that Super-rich and banksters can’t wait any longer. They want to try to drive out President Zuma and replace the ANC (African National Congress) with their Jewish puppets in the DA (Democratic Alliance). They’ve been working towards this goal for many years and the gloves have come off from both sides.

A fascinating twist is that it seems President Zuma is bringing in Russia in a big way into South Africa. This video is a very detailed analysis of what is going down in South Africa which started on 7 April 2017. This is a follow-up of the video: “Important: Revolution in SA on 7th April 2017?”

I got lots of new information of other events including one for the 12th where ALL the political parties are gathering together to take on President Zuma and the ANC. One of the most mysterious things I have come across is a 19 page document called: “How Zuma planned to capture the country”. I uploaded the entire file. You can read it at this link where I do a quick analysis of it:

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