USA & SA: Love is not the answer: Killing is the answer – Why I still believe in White men

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Black Monday in 2017! The Biggest White protest about Farm Murders
128 Photos: The Day of White anger over Farm Murders! STOP KILLING OUR WHITE FARMERS!!! This was the biggest White protest in the history of South Africa. You‘ll be blown away by what Whites did that day!

[In a chat between many folks, John Kaminsky wrote some things and I had to differ with him because we in Africa have been deeper in the abyss. Jan]

John wrote:
What I want to know is this. If Christianity is supposed to be about race, why is it that during the recent so-called lockdown the only Christian preachers who defied the government and held services despite government threats were preachers in the black churches. This is what all supposedly "real" Christians should have done, and not knuckle under to our atheist Jewish government. But only the black Christians had the courage to do it, to stand up for what they really believed. What do all you pompous white-only Christians have to say about that? Hmm? The black congregations made white Christians look exactly like the hypocrites they are.

Best wishes,
John K.

I replied:
But isn’t it a case John, that whites are attacked more, whereas non-whites are not? When I was in the USA, moving around with people, among the people was a guy who was a hispanic. I noticed that the hispanic had more confidence than the whites. Aren’t whites just beaten down all the time and therefore, none of them stand up, whereas, the blacks and anyone else is not attacked as frequently, or for even minor "misdeneamours?". Here in SA I noticed the same thing. The whites are so beaten down due to "racism" that they just shut their mouths whereas the blacks and other non-whites are confident.

I will make this prediction though: If bullets had to fly, you will see the opposite happening. All those non-white allies, and non-whites whom you think are "strong" will fade away very promptly. That is when white males will come into their own.

Over here, we have on many, many occasions, teamed up with black Christians, and moderate blacks and black allies, and indians, and coloureds. In the end, ALL of them faded away and were utterly worthless. I would go so far as to say that Black Christians will be the most worthless allies of all. We’ve done "Black Christianity" to death in Africa … we’ve spread Christianity, had Christian allies, etc and they were worthless.

It’s too bad you never got to my 50 Years of Race War in Africa lecture that I gave in the USA and Canada, in there, I tackled this topic deeply, and I concluded, that Black moderates and Black Christians were utterly useless. (In your country, everyone is allowed a chance to mouth off, but mouthing off, is not the same as surviving danger and being shot at). I concluded that the ONLY blacks who were useful as allies and proved any worth to us, (and this was a conclusion I did NOT want to reach, since I hate communism), were the blacks who had been communist terrorists who came to our side. The Communist Terrorists had been taught to torture and murder. And when they switched sides to us, they were very effective and went into our special forces. They were effect BECAUSE THEY WERE WILLING TO KILL THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

Do not equate TALKING with ACTION. It’s not the same thing. I assure you, when the bullets start flying, and there’s panic in the air, and danger, the white male and whites in general, will prove to be the best, even in your country.

The biggest problem in the USA is the intense amount of hammering that whites take for the slightest bit of "racism". The whites have their spirits beaten down, ruthlessly, across the Western world. Go and look at the blacks and look at how Jews and Liberals are pushing their morale up, while kicking whites into the gutter. That psychological warfare has a tremendously negative impact on 99% of people. If whites were treated with even the most minor bit of kindness, instead of always being beaten down, you’d see the difference.

One of the reasons why I am an advocate for Race War, for the white male, FOREVER … and to live in a permanent state of RACE WAR, FOREVER; is because, the white male always comes into his own in a time of danger. It has to do with his ability to think, and reason and assess the complexities of technical problems including risk and danger. The white male is at a great disadvantage in a feminised, Judaized, niggerized world. When all those rules are thrown aside, and the white male can just be himself, he becomes something very different. He is finally ALIVE. When the black and the Jew are thrown into the same situation, you’ll see how they truly struggle.

Just because blacks can talk like parrots does not mean they amount to much. In fact, I TOTALLY DISREGARD ANYTHING ANY BLACK OR JEW EVER SAYS. I do not listen to them, EVER, any more. There is NOTHING they can teach me, that I cannot find 10,000 better examples of from White History.

In South Africa, I had a cousin who liked to say: "Talk is cheap, but it takes money to buy whisky".

This is why, I’m a firm believer that whites EVERYWHERE, including us in SA, you in the USA and the whites in Europe NEED MORE HARDSHIP. Our history is one of hardship and overcoming it. We’ve grown far too soft. We need to let the bullets start flying and you’ll see how white males come into their own. It’s happened like this across southern Africa. I’ve watched whites and blacks under hardship, and I’ve concluded that white society can handle far more hardship than anyone else.

In the Angola/Genocide video that I’m finalising, I even look into evidence of TRAUMA, for the races. Whites, subjected to the most brutal danger, outright, hideous torture beyond belief, compared to blacks who are merely shot at … and the trauma of blacks exceeds that of the whites, though the whites have to face intense fear.

Let the bullets start flying I say, then you’ll see this Jew/Black house of cards falling to the ground. Anyway, in the USA, if the white male so wished, he is in a perfect position, with all his firearms, to EXTERMINATE from the face of the earth, permanently, every single non-white in North America. All that stops him are the rules. Throw the rules aside, live with your weapon, and God will reward you with piles and piles of dead non-whites. Those blacks are pretty easy to kill actually. Even when they run amuck in your cities. A handful of white guys, armed even with sporting rifles and semi-automatics, would quickly put most of those blacks in the ground and send the others fleeing for their lives.

LET THERE BE AN ACTUAL FIGHT, and you’ll see and appreciate the white male for white he is. The white male does NOT need to be coddled. He thrives on danger, and it brings out the very finest in him. As for all the other loud mouths, blacks, women, Jews, East Indians, etc … you watch them quickly running and screaming when the white male begins to go about his business of KILLING.

Love is not the answer. KILLING is the answer.

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