Top 5 Security Tips for South Africans

[This is from a security company that functions in my area. Take note of the fines for not having a face mask. I did not realise so many people were getting fines. I wonder what the amounts are? Jan]

This is from a good security company in my area:

  • Close your gate and close the gate when you leave. Please?! We see too many gates opened and nobody around to warn.
  • Going to the grocery shop or chemist? You do not need to have jewellery on you.
  • Pikit-Up bins are targeted. Get your bin inside your property once Pikit-Up has been around to empty it. Wash your hands after.
  • If you have been to the grocery shop or chemist, keep the receipt as you may be stopped at a road block to prove it. Not having a receipt may end you in trouble.
  • Use your face mask. Some people have had nasty fines for not having one on when approached by a police officer.
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