The End of Liberalism and Globalism – Will the Third World collapse?

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I’m watching various news items, especially those that relate to economics, debt, food, etc.

I have said that 2019 was the end of Liberalism and Globalism and that we’re on our way into a "new world". Hopefully, we will be in a multi-polar world. I would like to see the US Empire, the Globo-Homo Empire collapsing. The USA has shown us, especially Whites in Africa, that America is dangerous for Whites. Another nation I don’t trust at all is Britain, which will assist the Blacks against the Whites, and which has chosen to side with the Blacks of Africa.

The Jewish-Liberal house of cards known as Globalism is definitely in trouble. The Ukraine War’s effects on this house of cards needs to still be seen fully. I’m not sure of a number of factors.

But food shortages are a big thing.

My personal hope, and what I would like to see is the mass collapse of Black Africa. I definitely see hope for this.

Amazingly, South Africa is in bad bad shape. Apparently, South Africa’s Debt is now 80% of it’s GDP. There is a slight chance of food issues in South Africa, but it seems to me most of Africa to the north of us is much more vulnerable food-wise.

I would love to see the United Nations, and all the "World" organisations like the World Bank, etc – all collapsing and losing power. The sooner these globalist organs can collapse, the better.

I would like to see a total collapse of Global Power inside the African continent.

Is it possible? It may be partly possible in the not too distant future. That pleases me.

In general, I am certain that much of the Third World will COLLAPSE and it will collapse far worse than any Western Nations will. Whatever the problems and weaknesses of the West, I think the Third World’s collapse will be far, far worse.

Already, 69 countries are on edge. 25 of them are in Africa and 19 are in Latin/South America. The rest are in the Middle East and Asia.

I am amazed to see Egypt, which is a very powerful African country, on the edge of serious collapse.

These collapses could lead to the formation of SMALL NATIONS, and that would be GREAT. That would give us Whites a chance for a Volkstaat (White Ethno State).

As I’m looking at all the indicators, I think that we’re definitely heading into the direction of CHAOS that I’ve been talking about and I think that Whites everywhere will weather the storm well. I think that we Whites in South Africa could do well in such a situation.

I am very optimistic. Chaos, and economic and societal collapse will definitely work for us, and for us Whites in South Africa, THIS IS OUR BEST HOPE.

I think that the MAJORITY of the Third World’s apparent "wealth" and progress is junk.

For example, Lebanon, used to be known as The Switzerland of the Middle East. It is now speeding on it’s way to collapse. Sri Lanka is the first nation to fall into collapse, but about 70 others are on the list, and like I say half of Africa is on that list.

NOW: Once those countries collapse, they will have knock-on effects on other countries.

I truly hope that large numbers of non-Whites will die and that no amount of assistance from the West will be able to save them.

I think good things could happen where none of the wealthy, and all the AID of the West and the UN will be far too little to prevent total collapse of huge swathes of the Earth’s Third World population.

Collapse of governments will be WONDERFUL in the Third World. That’s the thing to pray for.

That’s our ticket to freedom.

And Whites everywhere will be able to tap into various chaos.

But the worst of the chaos will unquestionably happen in the Third World. This is fantastic.

When it’s all over, the Whites in Europe and North America will be stronger than ever, and the disgusting, anti-White Third World, especially the Blacks of Africa will be willing to sell their own mothers for any kind of food or medicine. They’ll be totally screwed.

I think that despite all the attempts to hold Globalism and Liberalism together, that it’s well on it’s way downhill and that the collapse of vast swathes of the THIRD WORLD will be wonderful.

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