The 25 Biggest Companies in South Africa: The Dirty Huge Liberal Race Secret – My Analysis

[Let me show you how much globalist money is in South Africa that the blacks don’t control directly. This is the reason why, here in South Africa you won’t find many whites willing to stick together with other whites, because everyone is scrambling like mad to get something into their bank a/c. There’s not a value or principle in this country which can’t be prostituted for the sake of a personal bank a/c.  Of course it must be said that the common white South African is just trying to live, as difficult as things are becoming. In this sense they are no different to whites anywhere else. However, for the rich, there definitely is no principle that can’t be sold out for some silver!

This is the engine of South Africa where Globalism and the locals intersect and where White Liberals galore will stab whites in the front or the back as long as they can make a cent.

But this little pig trough is drying up and as the blacks move more into it, it slows down. The returns into the bank accounts are becoming less.

I spent 14 years of my life working for one of the top 10 companies. I’ve worked for many others that aren’t in the top 25 now.

Let me show you the dirty little secret of how much money is floating around in SA, and this is just the top 25. There is still a *LOT* more money than this in the hands of Liberals/Jews, etc. I’ll point to some of particular interest.

Companies #8 and #23 are actually owned by the same people. They are merely 2 divisions of the same thing. In fact #23 owns #8 – believe it or not!

The No 1 company in South Africa is a brewery. Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (abbreviated as AB InBev) is  multinational drink and brewing holdings company based in Leuven, Belgium.

The No 2, can you believe is British American Tobacco! WTF? Who would have believed that.

Mining in SA is not quite what it used to be in the past!

Naspers whom I’ve discussed is No 3, its Afrikaners and its global and its almost as big as Nike. See:

Anglo-American is the worldwide Jewish monopoly on diamonds.

#11 is Sasol. That is German NAZI oil from coal technology invented by the Germans in WW2 that somehow got to the Boers/Afrikaners and it was critical during Apartheid as a Plan B if the world cut off our oil supplies.

South32 is Australian mining. There are several mining companies on this list. As you can see, everyone has a finger in the South African pie, even the Australians who never used to be here.

#14 is Sanlam, an old Boer/Afrikaans creation – a big insurance company from many decades ago when the English used to boycott the Afrikaans whites, so the Afrikaans whites created a company of their own and as you can see it did well.

#25, which sounds “African”, actually belongs to the Jews of Anglo American.

Now for the dirty huge Liberal race secret: So if you look at that list, NOT ONE OF THEM is a black-created, black-owned company! Every single one is White/Jew created. Every single one… without exception. Some of them gave blacks billions so that blacks like Ramaphosa would get his face into the pig trough.

And that, my friends, is why nobody in SA wants to fight for anything. But there is money rolling around in this country like you can’t believe. However, less and less of it is getting into the hands of the common white person, and the common white is largely excluded from this little game. But the good news is that the pig trough is running ever lower as other little parasites come to grab their little chunk. Jan]

These are the 25 biggest companies in South Africa

Despite what was widely seen as tough year last year, South Africa’s 25 biggest companies managed to grow their combined market capitalisation to R10.8 trillion, compared to the R10 trillion they were worth in 2017.

Two of the biggest changes to happen among the top 25 companies was the rise of Naspers to become the third biggest company in the country – and the first South African company to hit a market cap exceeding R1 trillion – as well as the spectacular crash of Steinhoff International, whose ‘accounting irregularities’ have all but destroyed the companies market cap.

As of 22 March 2018, Naspers has a market capitalisation of R1.45 trillion, below the listed share capital of R1.57 trillion from British American Tobacco, and the R2.18 trillion from global brewing giant, ABInBev, which swallowed up SAB in 2016.

Naspers’ market cap is up 52% from just under R1 trillion (R954 billion) in early 2017. Steinhoff, meanwhile, tanked from R285 billion in March 2017, to a fraction over R13 billion – a loss of 95%.

Aside from the shifts and the big loss of Steinhoff, the top 25 companies on the JSE have seen little change over the years. It still features large mining and mineral groups, with the big banks and telco groups maintaining their top spots.

Among SA’s banks, FirstRand is still the biggest financial house in the country with a market cap of R387 billion (+33%), though the gap between it and Standard Bank has narrowed, with the latter growing its market cap to R353 billion (+38%).

However, one of the biggest changes in 2018 is the inclusion of Capitec Bank in the top 25, where the group now sits with a market cap of R103.6 billion, up from around R84 billion a year ago (+23%).

Looking at South Africa’s telco giants, another shift has happened, with Vodacom Group overtaking MTN Group as the largest listed mobile operator in the country.

Vodacom saw its market cap grow by 17% to R266 billion, while MTN’s market cap declined marginally (-1.1%) to R230 billion.

These are the 25 biggest listed companies in the country:

RankCompanyMarket Cap
1AB InBev SAR2 178.6 billion
2British American TobaccoR1 565.1 billion
3NaspersR1 447.6 billion
4Glencore XtrataR872.5 billion
5RichemontR561.0 billion
6BHP BillitonR492.9 billion
7Anglo AmericanR397.2 billion
8FirstRandR386.9 billion
9Standard Bank GroupR353.0 billion
10Vodacom GroupR266.3 billion
11SasolR259.9 billion
12MTN GroupR230.4 billion
13Old MutualR204.4 billion
14SanlamR199.5 billion
15Barclays Africa (Absa)R164.8 billion
16South32R157.5 billion
17Shoprite HoldingsR151.2 billion
18Nedbank GroupR142.8 billion
19RemgroR120.4 billion
20Aspen PharmacareR117.1 billion
21Mondi PlcR116.2 billion
22Discovery HoldingsR115.0 billion
23RMB HoldingsR114.8 billion
24CapitecR103.6 billion
25Kumba Iron OreR97.6 billion


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  • 29th Sep 2018 at 4:02 am

    AB InBev ? THE Budweiser beer people ? (owner of ) Busch Gardens amusement. parks ? In africa ? I thought Budweiser was a white guys beer !!

    • 29th Sep 2018 at 10:04 pm

      I don’t think they do Budweiser. But to be honest I don’t know.


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