SPY WARNING: Serious spy problem among Whites in S.Africa in Right Wing & Harry Knoessen & AWB

I’m going to have to tackle this topic with a video. But there is a VERY SERIOUS spy issue here in South Africa, and in recent days, additional info has been coming to the fore from different sources which have identified to me a very dangerous spy in our midst.

Effectively, we have someone who is a PAID CAREER Police/Intelligence informant who is responsible for damage to many whites in the white right. But this white male, is busy with a lot of stuff. He is selectively betraying people while hiding his own crimes and the crimes of his own people. He is engaging in FRAUD, and stealing from people, while also running around setting people up using various tricks and then calling in the Police on them.

This guy I am told is the key person who caused Harry Knoessen of the Crusaders to be betrayed and arrested. He phoned the top Police unit and told them to arrest Harry immediately.

The spy is also in cahoots with the lone spy who single-handedly DESTROYED THE AWB.

It is only now that I am aware that the late Eugene Terreblanche’s AWB was destroyed by a SINGLE WHITE MALE. An Afrikaans man, was the single person responsible for the destruction of the AWB.

That traitor who destroyed the AWB is the "handler" of the current spy who is causing massive problems for whites in the white right.

This spy does not only infiltrate Right Wing groups. He is very sociable and infiltrates any white groups, even non-political, non-christian, peaceful, social groups and he is ratting on them.

This is a paid career informant. He gets bonuses for getting people into trouble.

Interestingly this spy also has American links. Not CIA, but other US organisations he was involved in. This guy is a full on, professional, paid spy and informant who is destroying whites and getting them into trouble with the Police.

He is the key, and only white, who betrayed Harry Knoessen. No other whites betrayed Harry. This is the man who took Harry down – the ONLY true traitor.

I have met the spy. I had been warned about him by many, but it is only recent investigations that have revealed to me the horror of what is unfolding, and what he gets up to.

Dirty tricks, selective betrayal, etc … all of this is part of his game.

But he has serious connections and he is being paid as a state informant. He meets with Police daily. He is constantly on the hunt. We have the most serious predatory animal in our midst that I have seen since we had the female Jewish spy in our midst 15+ years ago.

There might even be a Jewish link here. Maybe. I will investigate this more.

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