Spiritual War: Light (Whites) vs Darkness (Jews) : How I went from highly spiritual & a believer in God to Atheist

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One of my supporters wrote this to me:On a side note – you provide little or no account of the powers of what is called God. You do not account for the Spiritual. The spiritual represents, in my thoughts, those forces which predate our own physical natures and through our natures deem to find reconciliation upon the physical plain through differentiation and acceptance. Why am I presenting this ? The jewish power comes from hiding in the world. It does not declare itself. Its nature comes from exposing(the lies) the inner psyche or feminine principle into the world. As an example …. it is like a spiritual pimping out of God that is within us. It is like, in the world, where a threat occurs with a woman that sets her forth to expose her body to the world for abuse. You do not see this spiritual account. You do not see that the Jewish power is a manifestation of God in the world and in that manifestation turns into the dragon. Western Civilization sets the masculine principle to differentiate what we see in the world, to that account of God within. You do not see that the evil of Jewish power targets the soul yet in that targeting sets the envir=
onment through which the masculine nature will bring light to the world through it. This is my greatest separation from you. I may see my place as fighting the fight of White peoples in the world …. but I would never discount the spiritual significance that will account and bring light to that aspect of Jewry which may hide in the world, but that may not hide within.

My Reply:
About God and the spiritual. I read what you wrote and I agree this is where you and I differ the most.

If you listen to some of my stuff where I talk about the early part of my life you’ll see that I was obsessed with the spiritual and with God. I was never involved in the physical, much less politics and power and killing. I liked studying military stuff, but I spent most of my time reading and thinking and pondering God, the spirit, the soul, and even things like Astral travel, trying to get out of your body. I believed in these things and pursued them. I believed in prophecy and dug deeply and intensely for the answers. I did some calculations now and 37 years of my life, perhaps even more, was spent focusing on the spiritual intensely. I double-tithed (gave away 20% of my gross salary) to charities. I was DEEPLY DEEPLY SPIRITUAL. I wanted to travel to the stars by astral travel, I wanted to meet other beings in other dimensions. These were the things I thought about.

Well, the bad, sad news is that eventually, over a long period of time I came to conclude that none of these things are real. As much as I hated scientists and thought they were the ones lying and suppressing the truth, the reality was that they were actually right. My big transformation away from God and spiritual stuff, started slowly, about 15-20 years ago, but the big, fast turn happened from 2012 onwards.

I was open minded to the spiritual and I read all that stuff, but I personally came to the conclusion that it’s bunk. The last thing I gave up on was God. I found it the hardest to give up on the notion that some great intelligence out there was at work. To me it seemed to be definitely true. But in the end I’m afraid I dumped even the notion of God.

If you had to have told me 15 or 20 or 30 years ago that this is what I would become, I would never have believed you. But I’m afraid, that is why I concluded. I have kept all my spiritual and UFO and prophecy books. I never threw any of them away. I thought I had gone to such trouble to amass my collection that maybe it will have value, at some point in the future for me to at least look back on some of the pure rubbish I read.

I had read and liked authors like Keel, Rampa, Charles Berlitz and many others. I had taken them very seriously only to later look back on it as a total load of bunk. It is amazing how this changed, but I tell you, I fought tooth and nail to prove prophecy true in the real world and to try to figure these things out, only to conclude it was just garbage.

Hey, I was a guy who did everything. I wanted to talk to the spirits of the dead. I knew how to read Tarot cards … you name it. But for me in the end, looking back on everything and also getting some very clever whites making some firm points, I had to admit that for most of my life I believed in garbage.

I do grasp and understand that many white men and especially so, white women, need deep spiritual nourishment. And it is a valid need. It needs to be dealt with.

Make no mistake I understand where you are coming from and even now, I have friends who talk like that, and who say: This is a battle between the light (whites) and the dark (Jews).

I am no longer like that. I see Jews and blacks as racial competitors and I view them as dangerous and to be dealt with firmly.

So let us differ on this, but also remember what I’ve said. You also will mutate and change. It is what we all do, and I am certain you will do the right thing. In the end, our white brains will make us do certain things – all of us. And we will be ok.

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