South Africa: Wild Chaos: Blacks fighting Blacks – Traffic & Taxi Chaos & Violence

[This is a note about the current violence all over South Africa which started today. The blacks are basically fighting each other. It is about taxis and truck drivers. There's also “xenophobia” involved which means that South African Blacks are attacking foreign blacks. It has to do with jobs and business, etc. 
NB: There is also a Jewish angle in that some of the businesses NOT AFFECTED are owned by Jews. But we'll get to that. 
Xenophobia is normally driven by various politicians. This is now causing stress between SA and Zimbabwe. 
ALL OF THIS is BLACKS VS BLACKS! These people are fighting each other, and the local blacks are trying to drive the foreign blacks out. 
You can get updates on my website:
I will get whatever images and videos I can out about it. These people are crazy, and they have money and business interests and in the process they are damaging businesses, infrastructure, etc like the mad fools that they are.
Tons of news has been pouring in all day and I've only looked at a fraction of it.
We whites just sit here and watch the black madness in amazement. 
But I like this. Let these fools and idiots destroy themselves. They can't even live together with each other. It is whites, under Apartheid who kept the peace between these ridiculous people. It is whites, even now, holding this ridiculous communist/liberal country together.

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