South Africa: Evil Big Businesses are destroying small businesses… – The BIG destroy the SMALL ALWAYS!

In recent travels around Johannesburg I have noticed a number of businesses that I have known about and bought from for years, going down BADLY in a big way.

I reckoned it might be due to COVID’s insane impacts.

But at one business I ended up talking to a White lady who told me a number of fascinating things. She told me how bad the economy was and how South Africa is basically totally buggered.

But then she let slip on something I was unaware of. She explained that their suppliers had withdrawn their support. She went on to explain how other businesses too had been hit in this way.

In a nutshell, it is that these big suppliers are dumping their smaller customers and focusing on BIG CORPORATE BUSINESSES.

I have noticed this many times before. Whenever there is a bad time in the economy, then you never see the big falling. Instead, the big eat up the small.

But now in South Africa it is very bad.

Businesses that are White owned and have existed for DECADES are being destroyed.

I have clearly seen businesses shrink by 75% in just a few years. It is shocking.

I have come to have a hatred for the very rich. They are pure filth.

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