S.Africa: Is Julius Malema behind Farm murders? – Did he confess to murdering Farmers?

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[The website link below has a story where they claim that Malema confessed that he is behind farm murders. When Malema was confronted on Twitter by a white as to whether he is behind farm murders, Malema responded: “Maybe, maybe not”.

Malema is a big mouth, but he is a malicious piece of scum. I am sure he is behind many things against the whites. My own view is that Malema AND Mugabe worked together on the murder of the late Eugene Terreblanche. That’s something I’m convinced of.

It is also very possible that Malema and other Govts like Zimbabwe and Mozambique and the South African Govt all collude together to murder certain farmers.

But I would not say that Malema’s statement is a confession. I think he will deny it if pressed and he knows the onus would be on us to provide the evidence and he knows that his pals will help to hide it and to cover for him like they always do. Jan]

You can read his apparent “confession” and analysis here: http://newsupdatessa.site/malema-confesses-he-is-behind-farm-murders-citizen/

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